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Your Daily Muslim: Omar Raghba

The religion of peace... and assault weapons.

The religion of peace… and assault weapons.

If Islam really is the religion of peace, why do so many of its spiritual leaders preach hatred and jihad? Is the religion that easily misunderstood, or is the “peace” gimmick just a cover for inhumane beliefs? I’d say it’s the latter, especially after looking at today’s cleric, sheikh Omar Raghba (also reported as Omar Gharba.) Currently waging jihad in Syria, the Wahhabi Islamic cleric had a special message for the world.

“With the permission of Allah, only Allah will be worshiped in al-Sham (Syria) and only the rule of Allah will be established,” Raghba said during a brief video. In the video, he held a statue of the virgin Mary. “We won’t accept anything but Allah, the religion of Allah, and the Sunnah of the prophet of Allah, Muhammad [pigs be upon him].” Then, Raghba smashed the statue on the ground, showing his true commitment to interfaith peace and tolerance. He and his fellow Muslims who were surrounding him cheered, with cries of “Takbir,” (glory to Allah) and “Allahu Akbar!”

Raghba also demonstrates the peaceful nature of Islam on Facebook, where he frequently posts pictures of himself holding assault rifles. For those unaware, assault rifles are the instruments by which Muslims bring peace to infidel lands. Raghba even shares pictures of children waging jihad, to show support for the young wannabe “martyrs.” Any religious entity whose followers would send children to die for a deity is beyond reprehensible. That’s downright inhuman. Parents are supposed to protect their children and shield them from violence, not turn them into weapons. Raghba has also praised Islamic militant snipers in Syria who are responsible for scores of deaths, telling them “God bless you, my brothers.”

When an Assad military chief was killed in battle by jihadis, Raghba immediately chimed in to yet again showcase the kindness of his religion. “To hell and good riddance,” Raghba wrote on Facebook after the man’s slaying. If you are a leftist or some other sort of apologist for Islam who thinks it’s a misunderstood religion of peace, I want you to try to explain to me why this man who has spent years studying Islam is trying to kill people for Allah instead of spreading free hugs.

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