Your Daily Muslim: Cheri Bernice Joan Mays

Normally she at least shows her eyes... lol

Normally she at least shows her eyes… lol

Australian Muslimah Cheri Bernice Joan Mays, who chose the Islamic name Ayisha after Muhammad’s child bride, started pretending it was Halloween every day and never looked back. The Muslimah now wears the niqab (ninja costume) on a daily basis to hide her presumably unsightly appearance, and frequently posts images and messages from both jihadis and anti-western clerics. Mays is a divorced mother of two, and is likely raising both of her offspring to value their religion over being able to integrate into society at large. Let’s see how far off the deep end this young Muslimah has gone.

Mays supports the following hate preachers: anti-Western, homophobic mufti Ismail Menk, violently homophobic sheikh Khalid Yasin, recently-arrested anti-Semite Yousef al-Khattab, and terror-enabling imam Abu Taubah, among plenty of others. Instead of being a “moderate” Muslim and pretending to care about the laws of the west, Mays is fairly open about her extremist leanings. Between postings of her crappy gothic lyrics reminiscent of Evanescence gone Islamic, Mays shares messages on all sorts of subjects Muslims love, including jihad in Syria and forbidding women from showing their faces on Facebook. Sorry, but I’m not gonna add a pair of eyes. Seeing that in my newsfeed would just be creepy.

Introducing YDM TV! Here’s a video from Mays’ Facebook, titled “How you eat and drink in niqab lol.” The use of the “lol” shows that Mays is aware of the absurdity and impracticality of the garment, but still chooses to wear it to please her imaginary friend despite its unwieldy nature. Of course, what she eats is halal – slaughtered according to Islamic standards of utmost cruelty.

Here are some screenshots from Mays’ Facebook. I think these say enough without me having to comment all over them.

She knows her costume is ridiculous, but still chooses to wear it. Can you say WEIRDO?

She knows her costume is ridiculous, but still chooses to wear it. Can you say WEIRDO?

What's so wrong with showing a little skin? Oh wait, she's uggo, never mind, no one wants to see.

What’s so wrong with showing a little skin? Oh wait, never mind, no one wants to see.

Wow. That music video was nowhere near pornography. And yet Muslims still consider it "haram" (forbidden.) They need to get out more... or at least refresh their memory as to what porn is.

Wow. That music video was nowhere near pornography. And yet Muslims still consider it “haram” (forbidden.) They need to get out more… or at least refresh their memory as to what porn is.

26 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Cheri Bernice Joan Mays

  1. Worshipping a cross-dressing, prevaricating, pathological, plundering, poisonous, posturing, pretentious, psychopathic, plagiarizing, pedophile, necrophile, playboy, pirate?

    How foolish can you get?

  2. To stipid to be a woman. Must be a goat in a garbage bag.

  3. It’s so obvious that westerners who convert to islam are just screwed up, angry people who don’t fit in with society and they like the idea of causing trouble and getting away with it because they’re part of a protected minority group. This one clearly also just loves the attention she gets when she’s just eating her subway. Maybe no one noticed her before. Now she gets looks everywhere she goes. Stupid woman.

  4. Wow, how inaccurate can you be? Let’s see…first of all Cheri is not ugly, she is a beautiful young woman and a mother of two adorable kids. She occasionally shares links of articles that have caught her attention, but are not necessarily things she supports, rather just things she has read. Those lyrics she has posted, those are from an AMERICAN CHRISTIAN rock group I introduced her to, called Icon For Hire. That video was a response to people asking, out of honest curiosity how to eat while wearing a niquab, and how people didn’t think it was possible. As to the Miley Cyrus video, heck I don’t want to see it either, it is pretty stupid.

    On the other hand Cheri is a wonderful and supportive friend, open and honest, proud of who she is. She is an ancient history student and we chat often about ancient religions because I am pagan, yup a pagan and a Muslim are friends, have been for several year now.

    She found your post and posted it on her time line because we all felt your lack of info was hillarious! We find your ignorance amusing!

    • You honestly expect me to believe she shares fatwas from clerics she doesn’t agree with without expressing any dissenting opinion, and even provides evidence that she AGREES with the cleric(s) in question? LOL. Keep deluding yourself. btw, have you ever seen Cheri’s face?

      • Yes I have see her face, many times. As I stated, we are friends, have been for years now. And yes she post the links with out opinion, usually she hits share while she is reading, than comes back after and adds a comment. Or she simply waits for someone to make a comment and then has a conversation about it. Not everyone is all about projecting inflated options around, some just share information in a casual, opinion-less manner.

    • So you think it’s healthy to worship a cross-dressing, prevaricating, pathological, plundering, poisonous, posturing, pretentious, psychopathic, plagiarizing, pedophile, necrophile, playboy, pirate.

      You become like what you worship. And, Jaci, she is a kafir if she takes you for a friend. By taking a kafir as a friend, she has left Islam and should be executed. You both need to learn more about this misogynistic Death Cult.

      • No she has an open and loving heart with me as a friend, as I do having her. It is more about building bridges between religions and realizing that everyone is human underneath it all. If we can not, do not, learn to coexist as a human race than what is the point of existing? We can’t change the whole world in one moment, but small changes gather speed and spread. I am a pagan but I have friends from all walks of life, Cheri is not my only Muslim friend, I have a few, and even a couple of them are guys. I also have Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant friends as well. The point in meeting friends from other religions is to share with an open mind and see we are not all so different after all. Much the same way that I am a middle class american, yet I have friends who are both rich and poor, and I have friends who live in other countries all over the globe. Isolating yourself among your ‘own kind’ is never a good answer, you will never learn about life that way. Saying ‘I am right, you are wrong, my opinion is the only one’ makes you ignorant, not wise.

  5. If any of You people believe in this bullshit article, You have some serious problems. Cheri is My sister and none of this is true, it’s degrading and false and whoever wrote it has some real deep hatred towards Muslims. Do Yourselves a favor and stop being sheep, believing anything You read.

    • It’s all gleaned from her social media profiles, dear.

      • Yes dear, and twisted out of proportion by the idiot who wrote this biased, one-sided, spin-off article. Have You ever watched the news and seen how they cut off parts of a conversation? That’s exactly what’s happening here. I am Her sister, and I see her posts every day, she posts things She finds interesting and shares opinions, she never disrespects Her faith, but has an open mind and respects other beliefs. She doesn’t support ‘hate preachers’, She is a Loving and respectful person. You people need to get a life.

      • If she doesn’t support hate preachers, then why does she follow them on twitter and retweet their fatwas?

  6. I’d like to know who appointed the author as being the all knowing all-seeing being of perfection whose wisdom is the only way and we all should follow their rules on what they think we should say we do and wear?. I think if the author has time to troll facebook forums and ridicule and bully those who they think aren’t the icon of perfection they should get a grip on reality, get a real meaningful life or put that time and energy to good use and do some volunteer work that actually achieves a worthwhile purpose. *eyeroll*

  7. Lol. What a dumb cunt.

  8. Btw I have seen her beautiful face. I haven’t seen your ugly mug though. Seems like you are the one with the ugly disgusting face as you are the one hiding your face. Get a life and get a real job. And keep hiding. No one wants to see hideous people like you walking among the civilized. I’d rather have a thousand Cherris than one single negative dickhead like you.

    • Maybe he’s afraid that if he shows his face then it’ll make it easier for people to blow him up? Because people have already threatened that.

  9. Jaci, Cheri is not allowed to be your friend, but may PRETEND to be your friend: Koran 3:28-Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah , except when taking precaution against them in prudence.

    ‘Precaution’ is taqiyya…lying to make Islam supreme. It is part of Islam to hate kafirs from the heart. Liking a kafir means the Muslim has become a kafir.

  10. Leave this sister alone! you hate Islam so much, i am Surpised i don’t think you hate the sister but you suffer from islamophobia. May you die in your hate.

  11. I always lawl whenever you say ninja/dementor/Nazgul.

  12. I’m still laughing at this
    Thanks for the lols about my life that you know oh so much about

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