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Your Daily Muslim: Adnan Karabegovic

Adnan Karabegovic

Adnan Karabegovic

“You’re either preparing for war or you’re war.”

24-year-old Australian Muslim Adnan Karabegovic, like the rest of his Muslim brethren, was up to no good. He had six issues of al Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire, on his computer, and felt inspired to wage a jihad of his own. The magazine, which contained articles like “How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mum,” is monitored by pretty much every major intelligence agency in the world. When Karabegovic was caught with Inspire on his computer as part of a terrorism probe, it was clear his wildfire-based jihad would not catch on like wildfire. Instead, he would be going to prison, where he belongs.

Before his arrest, Karabegovic, of Bosnian heritage, had tried to buy a gun. He and a couple fellow Muslims had hung banners over freeways with the tolerant messages of “Get your troops out of Muslim lands you filthy kafir,” and “Get your troops out of Muslim lands you convict pigs.” Uhh, get your crazy jihadist Muslims out of infidel lands first. Thanks. Oh, and you’re calling US convicts, Karabegovic?! PRICELESS.

Undercover agents pretending to be jihadis had been probing Karabegovic (not anally) about his jihad plans. He discussed creating bombs designed to ignite large brushfires that would be difficult to contain. When his home was raided, authorities found plans to create chemical weapons designed to render people unconscious, along with diagrams of sniper rifles, a machine gun, and grenades. Other hazardous chemicals were referenced in the materials found. Needless to say, there was no way the wannabe jihadi could plead innocent given the veritable tower of evidence against him. As expected, Muslims came to his defense instead of condemning his jihadist actions.

During his trial, Karabegovic refused to stand for a non-Muslim female judge. This is probably because, as a devout Muslim, he feels no respect for Australian secular law or those who uphold it. He also stated that he only read Inspire for the opinion and current events pieces. Opinion… from terrorists. Sounds totally like he doesn’t want anything to do with terrorism or violent jihad. Hey, if you want to read opinion and current events pieces, look no further than that “random post” button on the right sidebar of this site 😉

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Adnan Karabegovic

  1. Convicts is a reference to the fact that the early Australian colonies were penal colonies. He’s a moron who disrespects the country that came to his family’s aid. He should been left in Bosnia to be hunted down by Serb thugs

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