Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Salam Mahmoud

Abdul Salam Mahmoud and his f**k buddy handing out Islamic dawah fliers

Abdul Salam Mahmoud (right) and his “buddy” taking an opportunity to feel each other up while handing out dawah fliers

“When you hear a so called moderate Muslim talk badly about your brothers in jihad. Look at his life and look at the life of a Mujahid, and I guarantee you that you’d realize that this so called moderate had sold this akhira for the dunya while your brother in jihad had clearly sold this dunya for the akhira. You’d see how much this so called moderate’s heart is attached to this world while your Mujahid brother’s heart is attached to his lord.”

Sudanese-born Australian Muslim Abdul Salam Mahmoud clearly does not fit into modern civilized society. Aside from supporting jihadists as the above quote illustrates, Mahmoud spends his time harassing people on Australia’s streets and posting images on Facebook with peaceful messages like “Israel will be deleted.” However, aside from bothering everyday Australians for Allah, he doesn’t have an actual place of employment listed on his Facebook, so it’s quite likely he’s a stereotypical Islamic welfare parasite. Here’s what this totally moderate and peaceful Muslim whose life you are paying for has to say about society, Islam, and jihad.

“There is no real justice in a nation without Islam and there is no real Islam in a nation without justice.” Tell that to every rape victim who is convicted of adultery for failing to produce four devout Muslim male witnesses in her defense. Tell that to every woman who is beaten per Qur. 4:34. Tell that to every victim of Islamic violence because they aren’t Muslim. Tell that to every Jewish family that receives threats and intimidation from Muslims. Now tell me there’s no justice without Islam. I’d say Islam impedes quite a bit of justice. As for no real Islam in a nation without justice, I disagree. There’s plenty of real Islam, sharia law and all, in Somalia. However, there’s hardly any rule of law over there, so I’d say that counts for the “no justice” criterion.

Sydney Street Dawah. Looks like the people from the gay bear bar up the street decided to dress up even weirder than normal.

Sydney Street Dawah. Looks like the people from the gay bear/leather bar up the street decided to dress up even weirder than normal.

“If they have men who love to kill we have men who love to die,” Mahmoud wrote on Facebook. “Which of the two do you think is stronger[?]” Well, uhh, probably the men who love to kill because the others are too busy writing sad emo poems and cutting their wrists. The fact that Islam rewards its followers for dying for Allah should say a lot about whether or not it is actually a religion of peace. What’s even more disturbing is how many Muslims hate their lives enough to actively seek death and the 72 virgins that come with it. “Seeking knowledge, dawah (evangelism) and jihad are obligation on every capable believer.” If jihad is compulsory for Muslims, that should clear any questions you may have had about Islam’s true nature. It’s a religion of violence, always has been.

“A true believer feels the need for Qur’an and Salah (prayer) in his live [sic] more important than air and water.” Now that’s just idiotic. Ignoring basic human needs to appease an invisible entity of which there is no proof is downright ridiculous. “We are not extremists, we are just a bunch of believers who take their faith very seriously.” Your religion is extremist by nature. For following it, you are extremists. No ifs, ands, or buts.

This final quote is only here because no YDM piece is complete without a concluding gay sex joke. Mahmoud wrote “A good exercise for the heart is bending down and helping someone to get up.” Bending down and helping someone get up? When he says that, I’m envisioning some dude bending over and giving another dude a boner. Gay sex is good for the heart too, just as Mahmoud said – do that cardio!

16 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Salam Mahmoud

  1. If this ‘so called religious person’ accosted me in a public place I would show him what a genuine Aussie of 66 years of age thinks about his very being here in the country that I love dearly…I often see these pr*cks in the streets during the week and I ask why are they not working….I suppose they have no need as their subservient wife/wives are at home tending to multiple numbers of offspring that attract generous government financial handouts……..Disgusts me

  2. Man, I REALLY need to know where they buy their beards. And is anything about islam original? The caps they wear are a rip off of the Jewish caps. You gotta love the religion of pieces.

  3. LOL!
    In one of his latest “Wisdoms” he quotes Quran 59:14 converning Jews: “They will not fight you except within fortified cities or from behind walls” and calls them cowards.
    Jews are clearly not allowed to defend themselves against muslims attacks.

  4. dirty scum ! lying filthy muzzrats, child molestors ! and woman beating dicks ! wipe out the dirtbags there is no value on earth in having muzzrats about ! allah suck cock !

  5. Please muslims!

    Go to Syria and let Assad’s troops kill you! Stop stealing my oxygen!

    Those vile terrorists and terrorism supporters be given a taste of their own medicine.

    They want to be ‘martyrs’ so much then give them a one way ticket to hell to meet their loved douche muhammad the depraved and his demonic sock-puppet allah.

  6. Your comments and judgements are based on emotions. Stirred up by the article written by an individual who works for Satan. Like most ignorant people in the West you have become slaves to your governments mind games and media brain washing, My challenge to you is to search for the truth yourselves. You will find that the atrocities, pain and suffering currently incurred by the American, Israelies etc makes Hitler look like a saint. But you would not search because your mind has been made up for you already.

  7. To the author. Just curious why is it that you feel the need to write such articles. Do you really think that you will achieve anything more than propagate hate against individuals who have caused you no personal harm.
    I have a theory about you and your welcome to prove me wrong.
    You are probably are very sad person who did not achieve anything of any significance in your life, other than maybe get a university degree and work in 9-5 job you never really liked. You are I’m guessing are overweight or otherwise unhealthy and need to wear prescription glasses, a natural consequence of spending most of ones time in front of a computer screen. You might suffer from a unidentified psychological disorder which inhibits you from having regular contact with normal people. You might also have serious father issues and constantly question your own masculinity. All these issues I’m guessing leads you to attack people out of your own jealousy for their courage, for their actually having a purpose in life (regardless of whether it is wrong or right) for them being admired by people for this courage and most importantly for them actually being normal human beings.

    • Wrong on all counts. I have a job with varying hours that is mainly work-from-home, I’m in great shape (I’ve modeled and am gonna get back into it soon), and I have a great relationship of over 5 years as well as great friends. You really think that these Muslims on here who want to drag the world back to the 7th century are “normal human beings”? Get your head checked.


      This guy DID join ISIS. Read about it.

      He was involved with the infamous Siddhartha Dhar in Iraq and took sex slaves.

      What a few years can prove!

      “In an interview with British Muslim TV, Ms Barakat said Dhar had played a key role in her imprisonment and forced marriage to Australian extremist Abdul Salam Mahmoud.
      The teenager was beaten and raped multiple times, falling pregnant after one of the attacks.” (http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/14467485.Isis_sex_slave__kidnapped__byWalthamstow_jihadi/)

      Mahmoud was killed in Syria.

      YOU, poster, are what is called a “useful idiot” by those who want to harm us.

  8. […] time Sudanese-born Australian Muslim Abdul Salam Mahmoud was featured on here, he was a member of a street dawah (Islamic evangelism) team in Sydney. Now, he’s halfway […]

  9. This guy wound up joining ISIS. Read about it.

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