Your Daily Muslim: Bassam Hamzy

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Yes, this Muslim has “ham” in his name. The irony is quite delicious.

Australian Muslim Bassam Hamzy could never stay out of trouble. He was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood gang (not to be confused with the political movement of the same name) and began to build a criminal career. Like most young gangsters seeking to prove themselves, Hamzy felt he needed to demonstrate his loyalty and willingness to do anything for the gang. For him, that meant killing a rival gang member. Like most violent criminals, however, Hamzy wasn’t particularly adept at evading capture. He ended up behind bars in 1998, and the Muslim Brotherhood gang mixed with numerous other mostly-Islamic gangs to become the crime superpower known as Brothers 4 Life. Now 34, Hamzy is getting in even more trouble with the law. Even behind bars, this Muslim managed to pull the strings of what has become Australia’s most dangerous criminal empire.

Described as an “al Qaeda devotee,” Hamzy has always remained under strict supervision while behind bars. After remaining in communication with gang members using his visits, he was moved to a higher-security area. However, it is believed he blackmailed and threatened prison security personnel into allowing him to communicate with Brothers 4 Life members outside the prison. What did he do with this limited communication enabled by a cellphone that had been smuggled to him? Call his family members? Nope, he organized drug runs, kidnappings, and hits. What an upstanding human being. He also reportedly tried to engage in dawah (Islamic evangelism) behind bars, trying to convert his fellow inmates to become jihadists. With his new BFFs, he plotted an escape, which ended up getting him transferred to an even higher-security facility.

In one call Hamzy made, which was recorded by police, he asked the gang member to whom he was speaking “can you slap him [a kidnapping victim] once in the face?” The Muslim thug on the other end replied, “I’ve already done it cuz, I’ve already chopped him… I’ve got blood everywhere, man.” The use of the word “chopped” suggests the typical Islamic punishment of beheading or amputation may have been utilized. Amputation was actually one of Hamzy’s preferred methods of torture.

In another call of the estimated over 15,000 he made, he told a kidnapping victim “I’m about to cut your ears off. I told you I’m going to compensate myself [for lost/stolen drugs]… the minute I give him [the kidnapper] the go-ahead he’s gonna cut your ears off, do you know that?” How does cutting someone’s ears off compensate you for lost drugs? Unless you’re going to sell the rapidly-decaying severed ears on the black market to cannibalistic Nigerian imams, I doubt there’s much use for ears. Plus, the scene would imaginably be very bloody and require significant cleanup to both get rid of the smell and as a forensic countermeasure. In another call, Hamzy was recorded as saying “Next time I’ll take his ears and make them into a necklace.” In yet another call, Hamzy told one of his associates who was holding a kidnapping victim hostage, “Let me speak to him before you cut his ears off, so he can hear what I’m saying.” Also, I don’t understand Hamzy’s fascination with ears. Maybe it’s some weird fetish.

“He’s lucky I don’t put a bullet in his head… If I ever have to come up there again, I’m gonna cut all his fingers off,” Hamzy said in another call, directly inspired by Qur. 8:12. I’m not sure if the thick Muslim has realized it yet, but he is imprisoned. He was never able to go “up there” in the first place, and there’s no way in hell he’ll ever be able to cut anyone’s fingers off except possibly his own.

In November 2013, Brothers 4 Life internally imploded, as contact with Hamzy had dwindled and they were lost without their dear leader. The gang members began targeting each other and each other’s families in hits, resulting in a bunch of dead Muslims and a bunch more with holes in them (including the gang’s one Christian member who was only accepted because he was personally invited by Hamzy.) Most of the gang’s leadership figures are either in a morgue or a jail cell right now, and Bankstown’s streets are immensely safer.

11 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Bassam Hamzy

  1. Let the punishment fit the crime(s), behead him in public.

    • Absolutely!!!
      But why have the problem in the first place? what made these countries import these coackroaches in the first place, and I know that the authorities claim to have done thourough investigations on immigration candidates before accepting them? So, why are they choosing Islamists among all other decent people?

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  3. He can’t be that bad, his photo suggests there’s a distinct lack of zebiba on the old forehead. Maybe he’s not trying hard enough to be a willing devotee of Mo’s Moon god. He may have chopped off the odd ear here and there, but he’s obviously not praying enough. I hope Allah forgives him.
    Perhaps if he gets all the other inmates to take him up the ass he’ll find his way to paradise. Allah loves those who take it up the ass. After all, Allah’s been shafting his own creation for centuries!

  4. I’m currently incapable to see the (moral) difference between the political movement called Muslim Brotherhood & the gang called Muslime Brotherhood.

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