Your Daily Muslim: Ahmed Mohammed Tuma

Ahmed Tuma could afford to lose a few pounds

Ahmed Mohammed Tuma could afford to lose a few pounds

Violent homophobia: it’s in the Qur’an and Hadith. The “prophet” Muhammad himself, pigs be upon him, even said of gay sex “execute the one who does it and the receiver.” (Hadith: al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152) The penalty for sihaq (lesbian sexual activity) in Islam depends on whether or not the “perpetrators” are married. If they are unmarried, they will be lashed repeatedly, if they are married, they will be stoned to death. Nebraskan Muslim Ahmed Mohammed Tuma’s sister was a lesbian who had integrated into western society and was living a normal life, free of the threat of hell hanging over her head for loving someone. This was unacceptable to the devout Tuma (not to be confused with “tumor”), and he felt it was his religious obligation to correct his sister’s ways when she brought her female fiancee home with her.

Tuma recruited a homophobic non-Muslim friend of his to help him with the plot against his sister. When his sister and her fiancee got to the house, Tuma and his friend ambushed them. Tuma was wielding a crowbar and began making death threats against the women, who fled into their car. Tuma smashed the vehicle repeatedly with the crowbar as the vehicle accelerated in reverse. The women called police shortly thereafter. Tuma and his accomplice got into their truck and repeatedly rammed into the fleeing car before the women caught a lucky break and were able to get away. They promptly contacted police. It didn’t take long for the violent Muslim and his homophobic hick friend to end up in the back of a police car.

When asked about his motive, Tuma told police he was angry with his sister because she had violated Islamic teachings by being with another woman. He also said that her lesbianism was “shameful” to the family. No. Just no. You know what’s shameful, you 7th-century savage? Attacking someone for being capable of love because an ancient book about a pedophile told you that homosexuality was bad. Tuma ended up being a tremendously ironic failure – he ended up shaming his family by trying to prevent exactly that from happening. His Islamic mind just couldn’t wrap itself around the fact that we in the west recognize gays & lesbians are awesome and there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. Hopefully Tuma’s sister and her fiancee have an amazing wedding. Part of Tuma’s punishment should involve being forced to watch the wedding while gagged and wearing a straitjacket.

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  2. While the pedo-prophet of Islam was a serious homophobe he shared his bed with Ali, his nephew, and Sahabih. Mohammed also kissed little boys on the lips and ‘sucked their tongues’ and wore Aiysha’s clothing. Talk about punishing others mercilessly while being lenient to himself.
    One of Mohammed’s senior men, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, was also gay. He developed an “anal disease with a worm” up his butt that made him hunger for constant anal sex to keep it under control in effort to “cure” it.
    Muslims are the world’s biggest hypocrites.

  3. […] Ahmed Tuma – Nebraska Muslim who threatened to kill his sister and attacked her with a crowbar for being a lesbian, saying she had violated Islamic teachings, which was “shameful” to the family. […]

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