Your Daily Muslim: Yasmin el-Beih

Yasmin el-Beih

Yasmin el-Beih

Compared to most of the seventh-century primitives I feature on here, Egyptian Muslimah Yasmin el-Beih is surprisingly modern and westernized. She’s an ardent feminist and supporter of LGBT equality, and doesn’t even wear the ridiculous Islamic ninja costume. She’s even proudly single, sexually liberated, and educated. Why is she on here, then, if she’s a shining example of Muslims making progress toward cultural modernization? Because of this site. When she stumbled upon YDM one day, apparently her period prematurely began and she became uncharacteristically spiteful toward the truth. Here are some screencaps from her Twitter of her (over)reaction to the uncomfortable truths of her religion I write about.

yasmin el beih disgusting

Her reaction to YDM didn’t end there, either. She writes for Prime Cairo, an online magazine focusing on cultural matters relevant to Egypt’s capitol. Of course, she saw a prime (no pun intended) opportunity to whine about “Islamophobia” and paint Muslims as victims. Illegitimate grievance-mongering is a common Islamic pastime. At least I don’t think el-Beih got paid for the completely erroneous piece she wrote about YDM. You can read the full thing here, but here are a few downright silly excerpts that probably came about from el-Beih’s uncontrolled Muslim rage upon seeing the phrase “pigs be upon him.”

“[YDM] basically attempts to attribute all modern-day evil to a group of people who share the belief system that there is one God and Mohamed [pigs be upon him] is his prophet.” Uhh, not true. I have NEVER denied the violence perpetrated by non-Muslims, be it religiously-driven or not. I just focus on Muslims because the overwhelming majority of religious violence worldwide ironically comes from the “religion of peace.” El-Beih’s next absurd accusation is that I claimed “pedophilia is an Islamic invention” – she linked to the pedophiles and child abuse category as “evidence” for her false claim. I’ve never made such an idiotic statement as saying that Muslims invented pedophilia and/or have cornered the market on it – the Catholics also have a tendency to like ’em young, there’s no denying that. She also accuses me of “fat-shaming,” but honestly, what else are you supposed to call someone who’s upward of 400 pounds aside from a “colossal hambeast”? A “two-seater” in reference to how they have to travel on airplanes? That’s just lame by comparison.

El-Beih is also insecure as shit and has trouble maintaining relationships. She probably takes pride in being single because of a deep-seated refusal to acknowledge her relationship shortcomings. El-Beih wrote in a comment on a friend’s blog, “I was deciphering an e-mail… from a lover on purpose for hints of insincerity before I read this [blog post], when the guy has actually made it blatantly clear he likes me.” Seriously? If a dude likes you and you like him back, go for it, don’t second-guess the relationship to death! I can totally see el-Beih being one of those old cat ladies when she gets older. She continued in that aforementioned comment, “But what does insecure me do? Create distance, find reason to back off, ruin it myself, and convince myself that he’s using me.” I could conclude this post with #pigsbeuponhim to piss el-Beih off more, but I think the popular hashtag #foreveralone is definitely more fitting to describe this emotional Muslimah.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Yasmin el-Beih

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  2. hang on… why on earth has she labelled this blog racist?! It could hardly get any more multiethnic. There have been people of a diverse collection of ethnicities here incl white (like Lewthwaite), Arab/semite (e.g. al-Farraj), black (like the Gambian president), Asian (e.g. iskandar), Iranian (Kowsari among others), from the Indian subcontinent (like Naqvi).

    The only ethnicities absent until now are native Americans, native Australians, pacific islanders/Polynesian & Inuit.

    That sounds hardly racist to me.

    But maybe it’s the new meaning of the word “racism”: anything that muslims don’t like whatever the reason.

  3. … and of course it’s very racist to write negatively about Muslims who threaten Hindus (who are msotly also people of colour) or Buddhists (who largely have Asian backgrounds) or Jews (who are an ethnic mix of different people but other than whites the group includes semites like Yemenite Jews or Mizrahi Jews, cochin Jews, Bene Israel or Beta Israel).
    So whoever criticises people of different etchnic backgrounds threatening people of different backgrounds is a racist…
    So, El Beih if you’re reading this, could you point out the logic and who’d be a victim of racism on this page?

  4. Hey Yasmin, all those things you say you believe in, they make you an apostate from Islam. Remember you may not like a thing but Allah says he knows best and you don’t . LOL

  5. Here’s ab experiment, Yasmin: convert to Christianity and tell us how non-violent your life remains

  6. Muslim douche, let me ask you some questions.

    Since when do muslims believe in GOD? since when the demonic sock-puppet allah is a god? ….since when that psychopathic sand rat muhammad is a prophet? a real one….

    Muslims’ despicable and hateful acts point out towards other direction.

    Yes, you muslim douche: Muslims are responsible for everything that is going wrong in this world. They are responsible for our hatred towards islam.

    All the dead bodies that continue to pile up in the name of islam prove it

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