Your Daily Muslim: Ileys Omar

Ileys Omar

Ileys Omar

Seattle Somali Muslim Ileys Omar’s panties are in a bunch. The headbag-wearing Muslimah took a job at Hertz rental car company shuttling people to and from the lot. Everything was fine until the shift supervisors started realizing the Muslim employees weren’t clocking out for prayer breaks. Company policy was quickly rectified to ensure that all breaks would be counted as time off the clock, since the employees weren’t productive during that time. Wanting to get paid for lifting her ass without becoming a stripper, Omar disputed the new policy – apparently bending over for Allah was more important to her than building her career.

The Hertz branch’s employees were asked to confirm their acknowledgement of the new policy. Of the 34 Muslims who worked there, only 8 agreed to clock out for prayer breaks. Omar was not one of those eight. The frustrated Muslimah commented: “We feel like we’re being punished for what we believe in.” Uhh, no, there was just a crackdown on your unauthorized breaks. It’s really no different from a company blocking access to Facebook in the office to prevent people from wasting countless paid hours. However, since religion was involved, Omar knew it was a prime opportunity to whine and vent at the company.

“It’s five minutes,” Omar said. “It’s not as big deal as the company’s making it.” Five minutes – per prayer break. During a shift, there are probably two or three breaks. It adds up. Plus, the timing of the breaks can disrupt business activity at the Hertz branch. Omar and the other Muslims who refused to comply with the new policy had their employment terminated. They then gathered a bunch of their Muslim friends and the leftist appeasers of the local Teamsters Union to stage rallies against the company, caterwauling and holding placards accusing Hertz of discrimination.

It doesn’t end there. Omar and all but one of the other terminated Muslims got in touch a local lawyer, John C. Sheridan, to draft a lawsuit against Hertz. The lawsuit alleges that “religious, race, and national origin were substantial factors in the decision to discipline and terminate Hertz Plaintiffs 1-25.” Uhh, how was race at all a factor?! Race has NOTHING to do with taking unauthorized breaks! The lawyer probably worked that in because the leftist-infested establishment of Seattle would side against anyone accused of being racist even if the allegations were blatantly false, as they are.

16 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ileys Omar

  1. We work for money, the employer pays us for the work we do, we know Muslims hate work and so they’ll do anything to get out of it, 5 minutes 5 ties a day is 25 minutes plus toilet and smokes, plus a hour lunch break, so they get 2 hours paid break and we get halve that, more discrimination for non Muslims

  2. F***ing spear chuckers…….!!!!!!

  3. You would think that by now, businesses would not employ mooslims. They carry to much baggage so the easiest solution is not to employ them in the first place. Plus they have a habit of exploding, and that is bad for business.

  4. A condition of employment should be that each employee has a whisky or beer with the boss before being hired. No drink, no job!

  5. Towel head-Rag head!!!What ever!! Send her ass over to Iran. She will find out real quick where her black ass lies!!!!

  6. Hey, let’s all go for a fuck break every half an hour. Then eat ham sandwiches for twenty. Then claim it is out cultural heritage.

  7. Parents and grandparents just google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” for the truth. A stealth invasion into our western culture.


  9. note to self: next time I need to hire a car talk to Hertz.

    Generally speaking I wished there was a list of all companies that Muslim accuse of “racism” (Muslim definition) so people knew which comapnies have a healthy dose of common sense.

  10. where’s my previous comment?

  11. bunch piece shiy,low life, bastards,I bet they win the case!

  12. If you work for an employer, WORK for them.

  13. It takes @30 minutes to properly perform prayer if they go to he mosque and wash all their parts. Perhaps 5 minutes if they go into a closet. Collectively total population wastes 3billion,7 hundred million hours every day. No wonder Nobel prizes re so few and far between.

  14. […] Ileys Omar – Somali immigrant to Seattle who was fired for refusing to clock out during prayer breaks, then made a huge fuss about alleged Islamophobia. […]

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