Your Daily Muslim: Jimcole Jummah Ishaq Jimoh

Jimcole Jummah Ishaq Jimoh

Jimcole Jummah Ishaq Jimoh

Nigerian wannabe jihadist Jimcole Jummah Ishaq Jimoh needs therapy. His parents must not have paid attention to him as a child or something, and now infidels, especially Jews and Christians, have to deal with his relentless ranting. Though Jimoh hasn’t yet admitted to committing acts of violence for Allah, he sure doesn’t shy away from discussing and praising anti-Semitic violence.

On Facebook, Jimoh wrote “ANY CHRISTIAN who beleives dat jesus pbuh was crusify is illiterate. it mention in bible acts 13:37 but the one whom GOD raised from the dead never see decay.” Uhh, the Bible says that Jesus was crucified, and Christians believe in the Bible… tell me again how that makes them illiterate? The Qur’an doesn’t mention the crucifixion of Jesus, but idiot Jimoh apparently doesn’t realize Christians don’t read or study the Qur’an.

“ACCORDN TO QURAN AND BIBLE JESUS WAS NT A CHRISTIAN HE WAS A MUSLIM IT MENTION IN IN BIBLE BOOK OF ACTS 11:26 THE DISCIPLES OF WHERE CALLED CHRISTIAN FIRST AT ANTIOCH,” Jimoh wrote. If that were true, everyone who has ever read the Bible and believed in it would convert to Islam. Clearly that hasn’t happened, so Jimoh’s crackpot theory is kinda debunked by that alone. The Muslim then went farther off the deep end: “IF FOLOWN D PREACH OF JESUS CHRIST PBUH MAKE A PERSON A CHRISTIAN WE MUSLIM ARE MORE CHRISTIAN DAN D CHRISTIAN THEM SELF.” Uhh, no. Jesus taught tolerance and kindness to a bit of an extreme. Muslims who believe in jihad like Jimoh don’t follow the teachings of Jesus at all – unlike what Muhammad, pigs be upon him, taught in the Qur’an and Hadith, Jesus never advocated for violence against Jews or gays. Jimoh needs to study Christianity before making wild claims about it.

“GUD JOB FRM PAKISTAN TALIBAN BOMB A PROTESTANT CHURCH,” Jimoh foamed. “YA ALLAH SAVE MUSLIM OF THE WORLD FRM D JEW AND CHRISTIAN.” I have no idea why this Muslim hates Christians so much. However, his hatred of Christians pales in comparison to his hatred of Israel. “VRY SOON JIHAD AGAINST ISREAL… I AM NT AFRAID OF ISRAEL.” He also posted an image of a gun, claiming “WE MUST [SHED] D BLOOD OF JEWS IN ISREAL.” Religion of peace, folks. Completely in line with our western values and exactly the kind of people we want living among us. Jimoh also posted an image of terror cleric Anwar al-Awlaki with the comment “I BELEIVE DAT WE MADE DEM CRY SEPTEMBER 2001 9/11.” How civilized.

Let’s conclude with yet another morsel of Islamic absurdity from Jimoh: “FOOTBALL [soccer] IS NOT A way of muslim is a way of jews.”

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Jimcole Jummah Ishaq Jimoh

  1. Another muslim nutcase, waste of oxygen. What a surprise!

    And where does in the BIBLE say Jesus Christ was a filthy muslim? Christians got this title at Antioch but The BIBLE never mentions they were called (filthy) muslims before they were known as Christians. This doesn’t prove this moron’s point.

    And it seems this idiot has never read these Biblical passages (Matthew 24:3-8; Mark 13:3-8; Luke 21:7-11) or this (Matthew 7:15-23) that gives Christians a clue about the filthy muhammad and his real nature. You can tell his falsehood by seeing (Knowing/learning about) his evil and abhorrent deeds and those of his evil followers.

  2. Most Nigerians I come into contact with only want to share usually approximately $14 Million US dollars that they have floating in limbo in some off shore account that they are willing to transfer into my bank account even though I’m a total stranger

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