Your Daily Muslim: Ahmed Hoosen Deedat

Ahmed Hoosen Deedat

Ahmed Hoosen Deedat

The late Indian-born sheikh Ahmed Hoosen Deedat had many bizarre opinions based solely on the spiteful seventh-century fictions known as the Qur’an and Sunnah. Early in his life, Deedat moved to South Africa, where he quickly developed an interest in converting Christians to Islam. He used every possible opportunity for da’wah, and studied the Bible to try to refute Christians’ arguments. Only in his senior years did he become world-famous for his evangelism, and he is directly responsible for the rise of hate preacher Zakir Naik.

In 1986 Deedat began international tours where he would give speeches about the glory of Islam, including Muhammad’s marriage to a 6-year-old girl. After a successful ten-year run as a public speaker, the universe decided it had enough of Deedat’s hate preaching – the evangelist had a stroke which left him paralyzed below the neck. Speaking of his hate preaching career, let’s have a look at some of the most absurd things this Muslim said!

For one, France banned the sale and distribution of anything by Deedat, claiming it was anti-western and anti-Semitic. Australian politician Franca Arena accused Deedat of “Bible-bashing,” partly because Deedat claims the book has “pornographic language” in it and thus “cannot be the word of God.” Aside from pissing off Christians, Deedat even angered his fellow Muslims when he said that Muslim women shouldn’t go to the mosque to pray due to sharia-based gender-mixing regulations – though women pray and perform wudu (ritual washing) in a separate room! His actual quotes are extremely vitriolic and quite shocking to those unfamiliar with crazy Muslims.

“God almighty punishes [gays] with AIDS,” Deedat stated in one sermon, beaming with glee while discussing the subject. “What a beautiful word, AIDS, for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.” Yes, this Muslim pulled a Fred Phelps and claimed AIDS was divine retribution against gays. For one, gays have been around a lot longer than AIDS, and for two, celebrating a terrifying condition like AIDS is truly inhumane, especially considering that there were very few treatments around when Deedat gave the sermon.

“Your [western] law won’t allow [polygamy],” Deedat commented. “You’d be getting a dozen illegitimate children every year, they don’t mind that.” I doubt anyone is getting a dozen “illegitimate” children every year; even Octo-Mom can’t produce that many offspring. Deedat then criticized the west’s acceptance of sexual liberation in true troglodyte fashion: “You can plant your wild oats as you like, but don’t marry. Sodomy? Legalized. Lesbianism? Legalized. But when it comes to lawful marriage, natural – polygamy is natural, you say ‘on my dead body, go to jail’ and I say, ‘this is an answer to your problems.'” Uhh, polygamy isn’t exactly lawful in the west. And if polygamy is natural, what about polyandry? Deedat didn’t comment on the subject since the pile of sexist crap commonly known as Islam gives men special rights it doesn’t afford to women.

Deedat is six feet under the ground, but his legacy of hatred lives on through his prodigy, hate preacher Zakir Naik.

10 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ahmed Hoosen Deedat

  1. This is an anti-Islamic site so why would you believe anything it says?; if you want to learn what is really in The Quran; wouldn’t it be wiser to read it directly (seeking the Creator’s understanding of it as you read it)? Obviously if you want to learn the Bible; you wouldn’t listen to the Anti Christ would you? ‘Anti’ means against and thus will lie in an horrible way about it. In the same way that if you were ‘for’ something, unless of course you were truthful and knowledgeble too; you would lie about it in a good way. TIP: Only go by people with these two characteristics: knowledgeble AND truthful, that way not only will you know they are telling you the TRUTH but also you will know that what they are telling you is from LEGITIMATE sources and only based on FACTS. If your not sure; google it first. However, a Sunni Muslim scholar is excellent with answering queries on Islam; as they are knowledgeble and truthful; and they seek God’s knowledge and thus know its meaning. Also, Read The Quran directly and ask the Creator (not giving Him a name; as you may call Him a false name thinking that’s His name and thus He wont answer your prayer) to help you to understand His Words. E.g: ‘Dear Creator. Please help me to understand Your Words and to act up on them accordingly’ then if you have sincerety in your hearts; you should understand what it means, and thus know that this forum, along with others on the internet are nothing but false lies to try and take people away from ‘peace’. Take care

    • LOL enjoying your brainwashing I see 🙂

    • Ass-ill, the entire world is ‘anti-islamic’. Therefore it is better that you all scurry back to your deserts and rape and kill each other – which apparently is the only thing that makes a muslim happy.

    • Islam religion of peace, What a joke! I have read the Quran and I have found it to be the most vile hate filled piece of Garbage ever printed. All muslims should be ejected from western countries back to their Islamic Hell Holes and kept there.

    • Asil, I want to start out by telling you that I have no intention to offend you. You are obviously a spiritual person and filled with love for your faith. However, it is well known that love can be blind and I want to point out one single comment you make that demonstrates the basic primitivity of the sort of Islam you have learned. You say you will not name the Creator, since we “may call Him a false name thinking that’s His name and thus He wont answer your prayer”.

      Think about what you have said — it is obviously something you have been well taught so I want you to try to think beyond what your teachers have instilled in your mind. It appears that what you have been told is that God will not answer your prayers if you call him by the wrong name.

      I can think of two possible reasons for God not answering to a different name:
      1) God is not intelligent enough to realise the prayer is directed to him, or
      2) God will take offence because you have got his name wrong.

      Now let’s think about who God actually is. He is an all-powerful, omniscient creator next to whom even the brightest of us has the understanding of an ant.
      Can he not read every thought we have?
      Of course he can, so whatever we call Him, He would know we were talking to Him. Would he take offence if we got his name wrong? Why should a Being of such magnificence worry about what his children call him? No good father would ever take offence at his child’s attempts to communicate with him, however they pronounced his name. So long as they turned to him in love and respect he would only take pleasure in their attempts to communicate.

      The fact that God allows so many religions on this planet, surely, is His way of teaching humanity about his diverse and universal nature. You mY have been told by your religious teachers that God can be seen through only one set of eyes, spoken of in only one language, and treated as the special preserve of only one religion but that should tell you more about the immaturity of Islam in its present form than it does about God. Instead of making God Great, they have reduced God to the size of a small, petulant bureaucrat who flies into a fury when someone addresses him by the wrong title. He sounds more like a reflection of the unimaginative and narrow-minded imams who are teaching Islam right now, than a reflection of a creative force that has constructed an entire universe.

    • yelmorb asil – I’ll read the Quran when Muslim pigs quit raping 8 year old, 10 year old and even younger girls and then having the nerve of forcing the family into killing the child for honor.

      Muslims are vermin, in every sense of the word.

      You trash call yourselves peaceful and yet have the most barbaric uncivilized societies in the world.

    • Problem with Islam is it teaches Muslims to lie to unbelievers, they don’t see it as lying as it is prescribed for them to do so to further Islam.

      So how do you know which Muslim is being truthful? Because lying to someone who doesn’t follow Islam is acceptable & not lying.

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  3. Yes, this so-called ‘sexual freedom’ is not something precisely good but, calling for polygamy it’s what you could expect coming from a bunch of horny (lustful) degenerates.

    They don’t even marry because of ‘love’. They marry because of ‘jihad’ and lust. They conceive marriage as a tool for breeding satanic terrorists and mass-murderers who serve only to conquer the world for this depraved, self-indulgent and evil cult.

    Muslim vermin cannot keep their penises inside their pants, that’s why they are always in search for excuses to justify rape.

    Whoever who created islam is a genius (in a bad sense). This individual took the worst manifestations of human decadence and gave them a guise of ‘divinity’ to create this disgusting cult. Because of its depravity, islam is a magnet for all sorts of disgusting human beings.

  4. One could not leave two Muslims in a locked room for more than an hour without them fucking one another, slitting one another’s throats and trying to blow themselves straight to hell. They are subhuman vermin – plain and simple.

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