Your Daily Muslim: Umair Tayyab Sheikh

He's nearing hamplanet status

Note the typical unkempt Islamic beard.

Muslims’ beloved prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, was a kiddy-fiddler, and many Muslims strive to follow in his filthy footsteps. With all sorts of new technology at their disposal, their methods are becoming increasingly diverse – and perverse. Enter Umair Tayyab Sheikh, a 23-year-old Pakistani Muslim and US citizen residing in Florida attending Florida International University. He also served as a youth group leader at the al Hikmat mosque, a position he used to gain access to young teens. Yep, like his prophet, Sheikh liked ’em young. Unable to marry a child as Muhammad did, Sheikh did what he was able to – then put it on the internet.

Authorities discovered numerous disturbing sexual images and videos of underage children on the internet in September 2012. They traced the IP address that had uploaded the images back to Sheikh’s family’s home. Having seen that the home was occupied by Muslims, I’m sure the police knew they had the right people. Now, the question remained: which family member was uploading child porn onto the internet? Noticing a lack of new uploads and seeing that Sheikh was over in his native Pakistan getting married, they quickly figured out who was responsible. A search of his home computer gave them the necessary evidence to arrest the Muslim. When Sheikh’s flight arrived back in Miami, he was promptly arrested. It is unknown whether or not the arresting officers used a trademark CSI: Miami one-liner upon his arrest.

Among the material found on Sheikh’s home computer and laptop were numerous nude and sexually explicit images and videos of children. Sheikh claimed he preferred videos of girls between the ages of 12 and 15 – a bit older than Muhammad’s type, pigs be upon him, but still downright sick. As it turns out, Sheikh swung both ways – he recorded a video of one of his 14-year-old male students masturbating. It is unknown how he coerced the boy into letting him record the video. However, according to the plea deal, the boy’s parents had more or less sent him away to be abused: “The video depicts Sheikh undressing… [the boy]… and forcing him to masturbate. The victim… is visibly upset and embarrassed in the video. The victim… stated that Sheikh had convinced his parents to allow Sheikh to continue religious classes with him over the summer break. Sheikh convinced the parents that their son would best be able to lean the Qur’an if he stayed at Sheikh’s home on weekends during summer vacation…” It’s bad enough that the child was being forced to study an ancient pedophile all summer, but having to endure that brand of abuse as well? Sheikh’s likely 15-year sentence is nowhere near long enough for a monster like him.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Umair Tayyab Sheikh

  1. Well, the answer to the too short sentence is easy. Accidentally let it slip that he’s a kiddie diddler to the gen pop, & then accidentally leave him in the gen pop for a few days. Any result thereof, problem solved.

  2. http://www.emirates247.com/news/child-overcomes-serial-rapist-with-quran-2011-06-21-1.403860

    This proves Islam does NOT allow rape and Muslims are being merely lied about. Allah will punish those who lie and make mockery

  3. Throw away the key….Child porn collectors,distributors and pedophiles are the scum of the Earth……regardless of race, colour, political sway or religion.

    They deserve no mercy…..just imagine if it was your child featured….?

    No death sentence…..it should be life, no parole ….he will get what he deserves from other prisoners who despise his type….

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