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Your Daily Muslim: Waad Ramadan Alwan

His face has as many craters as the moon

His face has as many craters as the moon

Iraqi Muslim F*ckWaad Ramadan Alwan was imported into the US as part of a program trying to “resettle” refugees from the Iraq war – apparently bringing Muslims to America was more important than focusing on properly repairing the damage we did to Iraq. However, the result of that program was the arrival of jihadists like Alwan onto our shores. You would think the Muslim would be grateful for being given a new home, but alas, he felt an appropriate “thank you” would be to ship weapons to terrorists back in Iraq and brag about having killed American soldiers.

Alwan worked (shocking, I know) as a used car salesman in Kentucky, where he got to practice being the terrible person he is on a daily basis, albeit in a different way than he was used to. While at that job, he and another resettled Muslim, Mohammad Shareef Hamadi, discussed their jihadist leanings and al Qaeda affiliation. The Muslims reached out to other wannabe mujahideen and found a friend in the form of an undercover FBI agent, who alerted agencies which tracked the Muslims’ activity. The feds filmed them handling a missile launcher, a grenade launcher, and other heavy weapons. Alwan also bragged to the undercover agent that he had killed American soldiers in Iraq, claiming he had eaten them “for lunch and dinner.” Aside from shipping weapons overseas, the Muslims planned to target a specific American soldier who remains unnamed on American soil, as well as other targets in the area.

Alwan and Hamadi were arrested on terror-related charges, to which they pleaded guilty.

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