Your Daily Muslim: Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem

Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem and his late wife, Nasira

Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem and his late wife, Nasira

Afghan-Canadian Muslim Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem couldn’t take it anymore. The constant questions, the abuse – all because his first name sounded like a Pokemon. Jokes aside, Imbrahem came to Canada from Afghanistan with his wife Nasira (from an arranged marriage), and the couple hoped to start a life together. In Afghanistan, Imbrahem had worked as a doctor, but he was unable to meet certain qualifications required of doctors in Canada. This started him on a downward spiral that would result in a brutal killing.

Once Imbrahem and his wife had bought a house, everything started to unravel. They had a baby together, named Yasin, but “staying together for the kid” wasn’t gonna work. Imbrahem’s wife told her friends and relatives that her husband was growing increasingly controlling and demanding, and felt she didn’t have a voice. Of course, her friends and relatives felt that maintaining this obviously failing marriage was more important than her safety, which they admitted was in question after Imbrahem had threatened her. Nasira also didn’t turn her husband in because she didn’t want to compromise his status as a permanent resident. Now, Imbrahem is a permanent resident in Canada’s penal system.

One night, the couple got into an argument, and Imbrahem picked up a knife. Despite Nasira’s pleas, the mad Muslim stabbed her repeatedly, allegedly at least 48 times according to some news sources. Relatives who saw the corpse described the mangled remains; “there was no body.” Imbrahem did not tell police what caused the argument, nor was there any indication of remorse on his part. Now little Yasin is without parents and Canada has yet another prisoner burdening its taxpayers.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Feraidon Mohammad Imbrahem

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  2. This is a tragic story, the child concerns me, though I would believe she has relatives prepared to care for the child. Has this little girl not been put up for adoption with a kind and loving family? Unlikely she would be raised Muslim but this is irrelevant what is important is the child’s chance of happiness.

  3. You would hope in cases like this, the family wouldn’t get the child at all. They allowed, no forced that woman to stay with an unstable man who killed his beautiful wife because he couldn’t have the job he wanted, because medical schools in Afghanistan just aren’t up to first world snuff, sorry but how did that make her responsible for him being a loser. He was a doctor so I’m pretty sure he dissected her body, for practice, and that’s what the family was talking about. It wasn’t just stabbing.

  4. it is jok she was kill by one wound

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