Your Daily Muslim: Salah al-Bander

Salah al-Bander

Salah al-Bander

Sudanese Sunni Muslim immigrant Dr. Salah al-Bander (also spelled al-Bandar) is the director of the UK’s Sudan Civic Foundation. He’s also a seventh-century asshat who has no place in a civilized western nation. al-Bander has an interesting past, having exposed an anti-Shiite political plot in Bahrain that got him deported back to the UK. Aside from enabling jihadis, the former liberal councillor (you Brits spell things funny, just FYI) has posted messages online attacking apostates of Islam. Perhaps why so few openly leave Islam is because they know there are likely to be violent consequences – and this time, there were.

A Sudanese Muslim living in the UK named Alshafie Elsheikh told al-Bander that he and twenty-one others were planning to leave the UK soon to go wage jihad in Syria. Did al-Bander hand them over to authorities? Nope, he waited until they had left to tell the media about it in an interview, then claimed “security forces have a very serious responsibility to intervene.” I wonder why he didn’t stop the wannabe mujahideen from traveling to Syria… you know, if Islam is the religion of peace and all, wouldn’t al-Bander want to make sure people don’t incorrectly practice it?

When Sudanese immigrant and ex-Muslim Nahla Mahmood spoke out against the spread of Islamism in the UK, al-Bander took to the internet to assail her. He called her a “kafira” [infidel] and said “I will not forgive anyone who wants to start a battle against Islam and the beliefs of the people.” He also said he would “never have any mercy on her here.” As a result of this, Mahmood’s brother, who lives in Sudan, was physically assaulted. Her mother was also threatened – all because Mahmood declared she didn’t believe in an invisible man in the sky. Did the Liberal Democrats do anything about their party member’s menacing behavior? Nope – they probably were too worried they’d be seen as hypocrites and Islamophobes for criticizing a Muslim. Did the police do anything to protect Mahmood? Nope, they told her to keep quiet to avoid further angering al-Bander since they’re too lazy to stand up to the increasingly violent Muslims in the UK.

al-Bander also tried to cover his own ass by telling the media, “I totally refute these allegations made against me. These allegations stem from a gross distortion of my writing which has been utterly misrepresented and I will work to secure a retraction and full apology.” Uhh, Mahmood knows Arabic, she was raised Muslim, there was no misrepresentation. Thankfully, al-Bander is out of office, but got off the hook entirely for his attempt at intimidation.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Salah al-Bander

  1. ah, I see my nominee managed to become the “daily muslim”. And if someone was looking for nominations for the “daily dhimmi” or something along those lines one could nominate the police force in question.

    Since it’s now late November will there be a “Muslim of the year” poll where the last 12 “Muslim of the Month”-Winners compete for the ultimate victory?

    • Yep – the Muslim of the Year poll will be held at the end of December, along with the usual Muslim of the Month poll for December’s posts.

      • please please add Adam Butt to the year poll he is teribble as he harassed a 14 year old girl for her just writing a comment about not trusting muslims posting a hateful video and he found out where she lived and her phone number and posted it to his wall asking all of his muslim mob to harass her some coments said they was going to go to her house and beat her up from some of his female mob members

      • Adam Butt will be in the Muslim of the Year poll – he won Muslim of the Month for July 🙂

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