Your Daily Muslim: Jamila Farole

Is that a lazy eye, or is she like the opposite of cross-eyed?

Is that a lazy eye, or is she like the opposite of cross-eyed?

Most west-coast women who realize they hate men turn into rabid feminists, hole up in lesbian bars, and isolate themselves from the rest of society. Islamic man-haters, however, do things differently. Seattle Somali Muslim Jamila Farole, who is an activist for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and her older sister tried to push sharia-based gender-segregation rules upon a taxpayer-funded pool. She then openly denied that her effort had anything to do with sharia… but we all know better.

Farole, a former student at the University of Washington (which was also attended by the menace Omar Abdelbadie), asked for gender-segregated swimming times at the public pool in Tukwila, WA, a suburb of Seattle. “In Islam, women need to have their privacy and preserve their modesty,” Farole explained. Maybe in the seventh century that was how things were, but lady, it’s the 21st century. Get with the times. Farole’s demands grew even more absurd as she explained that pool ideally “would have the windows covered and also the doors so no outsiders could see in.” Really? Is it that big of a deal if a dude sees you in your hideous burkini? Besides, I highly doubt any dude would want to perv on Farole anyway, just saying. Of course, this Muslimah’s real motive is clear as day to those of us familiar with Muslims and sharia, though she vehemently denied it: “It’s not like we are trying to bring sharia law into a secular society.” Uhh, that’s exactly what Farole is trying to do; create avenues in secular society for people to avoid integrating and slowly creep sharia-compliance into public institutions.

“This isn’t just something I’m doing,” Farole explained when asked about her pool crusade. “It’s a commandment from God; men and women are not to mix together. That’s my religious belief,” The fact that people didn’t immediately dismiss and mock her absurd request says a lot about how spineless Washingtonians are when it comes to demands made by Muslims. Also, doesn’t it say a lot about Islam’s incompatibility with western culture if it forbids men and women from interacting?

Thankfully, a concerned citizen filed a complaint with the city about this blatant encroachment of sharia. Though Farole was educated at a western university, clearly the liberal influence of academia mostly went in one ear and out the other… except for the whole race-card gimmick. “It is disheartening to know that the Tukwila City Council is threatening that they will terminate the female only swims because of the complaints of one white man who said that we are discriminating against male swimmers,” Farole stated. How is a female-only swim time paid for with taxpayer money not a form of discrimination against men?! And what does race have to do with anything?! There are white Muslims whose ideas are just as crazy as Farole’s! “Instead, we feel like they are discriminating against us since the majority of women who swim there are Muslim women.” No, Muslimahs, it’s you who are discriminating against men by refusing to associate with them or allow them to swim with you. You are not entitled to sharia-compliant accommodations at establishments paid for by taxpayers.

“We have the pool for female only swimmers because it is a part of our culture to have privacy when swimming in public places,” Farole wrote on a causes.com page she created to support the sharia swimming. Well, it’s part of our American culture not to segregate by gender. Sexism is so 19th century! Farole continued, “We feel that this is an injustice that must be stopped!” The only injustice is that men aren’t able to swim from 3:30-5:00 on Sunday afternoons in the Tukwila pool thanks to entitled Muslimahs like Farole who think the world has to bow to their every seventh-century whim. Though she claimed the segregated swims weren’t just for Muslim women, she posted numerous events on Facebook like this one called “Sisters Swim” targeted specifically at Muslimahs who share her phobia of the 21st century.

Farole, during her time at the University of Washington, spent time protesting against Israel on campus, a popular leftist and Muslim activity at left-leaning colleges everywhere. She’s also a fan of hate preachers like Ismail Menk, Khalid Yasin, and Ahmed Deedat on Facebook, as well as wife-beater Haroon Qureshi’s Misson Dawah group. When she sees this piece, Farole will certainly target the YDM Facebook page – she’s a fan of report jihad pages on Facebook. Report jihad is a common Islamic hobby where Muslims mass report counterjihadists and their pages for made-up Terms of use violations, causing widespread page and profile deletions.

The Tukwila City Council implemented a male-only swim session after the female-only session, though its popularity is minimal except with creepy old gay bear-types. The issue of the segregated swims is still under review.

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Jamila Farole

  1. Is there a Jewish lesbian group somewhere near the pool where the muslims swim? If so, this group should be encouraged to call at the female only swim time and visibly identify as Jewish lesbians.

    But even if there’s officially no discrimination against either sex as soon as there are two seperate one sex swimming times only, the reason that Muslims set it up because of their religious belief would consitute a violation of US law, wouldn’t it?

    • Technically, it does go against the law, but to say or do anything about it is “racist” and Islamophobic. Considering this happened in one of the most stupidly liberal parts of the country, I’m not surprised this Muslimah got her way.

      • everything is “racist” as soon as it contradicts Muslims’ wishes.
        you could try & report a state/religion violation at the Freedom Foundation (though I don’t know whether they only act if it’s a Christian violating the law). http://ffrf.org/legal/report

        is there any part of the US where gay people who are not overly happy with the double standard often applied when Muslims are involved can live in peace?
        It somewhat appears – at least from a distance – that gay US Americans or gay residents have the choice of either living among the type of Christians who are not very accepting of gay people or they can opt to live in the more liberal parts where plenty of unjust exceptions are made for some people

      • The midwest is pretty accepting, with the exception of Utah. Texas is surprisingly tolerant, contrary to the stereotypes, and they don’t take any crap from their growing Muslim population. In fact, locals down there picket the construction of new mosques 🙂

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  4. The oppressed, enslaved, tortured, impoverished, womb factories without even the basic rights accorded to animals in the Western world have an advocate …. another womb factory!!!! Brain dead and on-her-knees, as mandated by Islamofascism, Muslimah Farole fights for segregation in all the wrong places. She should fight her imam for a religious pool in a mosque where they could dig a big hole in the basement and fill it with water from a hose. Muslimahs would enjoy the benefits of segregated swimming, cavorting with their sisters in insanity while the men who wear dresses and little hats can get busy with the real goals of Islam ….. killing us.

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  6. see link MUSLIMS TEACH CHILD TO SWIM VIDEO interesting….

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