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Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Hawlo al-Lakiss

Hassan Hawlo al-Lakiss

Hassan Hawlo al-Lakiss

You know you’ve made some bad life decisions when you’re involved in a globally-notorious terror group. Step into the shoes of one such man, Lebanese Hassan Hawlo al-Lakiss, who joined Hezbollah and rose through its ranks to become one of its top leaders. His path to prominence in Hezbollah wasn’t really all that difficult; he simply had to avoid getting killed or tasked with blowing himself up for his imaginary friend. As a Hezbollah military leader, al-Lakiss directed jihadist troop movements and consulted with Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah.

Israel, of course, wouldn’t put up with Islamic Hezbollah savages throwing rocks and shooting rockets. However, al-Lakiss didn’t directly antagonize Israel; he just told others to. Were his jihadist leanings what got him killed? His Hezbollah BFFs seem to think so. al-Lakiss was “assassinated” in a parking lot near his home a couple days ago by three masked gunmen. Hezbollah released this statement regarding his death: “Direct accusation is aimed of course against the Israeli enemy which had tried to eliminate our martyred brother again and again and in several places but had failed, until yesterday evening.”

“The Israeli enemy.” Totally the religion of peace right there. Despite the lack of evidence implicating Israel in the crime, the Muslims immediately blamed their eternal foes, the Jews. It is unknown who killed al-Lakiss, but even if Israel were involved, the terrorist kinda brought it upon himself for his fervently jihadist ways.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Hawlo al-Lakiss

  1. We do not know who killed him but what we can do is offer thanks to whom ever did it. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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