Your Daily Muslim: Ali Ahmed al-Hammad

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence, including torture. Reader discretion is strongly recommended.

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence, including torture. Reader discretion is strongly recommended.

To this day, new details are emerging about the horrific war crimes committed by all parties involved in the Bosnian War. The war, caused by the breakup of Yugoslavia, lasted from 1992-1995, and left over 100,000 dead. Today, we’re going to meet an al Qaeda-aligned Muslim whose individual death toll is one most serial killers could only dream of.

Bahraini Muslim Ali Ahmed al-HAMmad was recruited to join al Qaeda. It isn’t hard to convince a Muslim to join the ranks of terrorists – after all, Islam’s scriptures have numerous commands to kill and wage jihad against infidels. (Qur. 2:191-193, etc.) After joining the “al-Mujahideen” unit of al Qaeda, al-Hammad traveled to Bosnia & Herzegovina with his jihadi bros to get their massacre on. At the time, Serbian troops had entered recently-independent Bosnia & Herzegovina and were attempting to seize much of the nation’s territory after the territory’s attempted secession out of what was Yugoslavia. The al-Mujahideen gang weren’t having any of that, however, and captured approximately 60 Serbian soldiers. What they did next is not for the squeamish.

The Muslims transported the captured Serbs to a camp they had set up outside a nearby village. The captives were kept in squalid conditions and were tortured daily. They were flogged, beaten, and shocked on a daily basis. Why? To extract information? Nope; al-Hammad didn’t state a reason. Probably just good old-fashioned al Qaeda sadism. As far as coming up with inventive tortures, Muslims sure aren’t good at it. Stealing a page from the Chinese communist invasion of Tibet, al-Hammad and his al Qaeda BFFs made some of the Serbs stab each other. The Muslims then more or less crucified the soldiers on fences by hammering nails through their hands. Seriously, crucifixion has been around forever… you’d think trained killers could think of something more cruel. As far as original methods of torture go, the al-Mujahideen unit is 0 for 2 so far.

As time passed, the Muslims had to think of a more extreme torture. They stripped some of the men, took them out back, and got up close and personal with their genitals – and nails. They impaled the men’s testicles with large, rusty nails, sometimes repeatedly, to the fences upon which the man were crucified, ripping the nails out as the men screamed. After forcing the men to endure excruciating agony, the al Qaeda bastards did part of what Qur. 8:12 commands, “smite them at the neck and strike off every fingertip of them.” By “smite them at the neck,” of course, the Qur’an is referencing beheading. Several of the captives were beheaded, and those surviving were forced to kiss their comrades’ severed heads. The Muslims saw nothing gay about naked dudes kissing other dudes.

al-Hammad has spent the past twelve years in a Bosnian prison, but has expressed his desire to testify about the crimes he committed out of a “deep remorse.” He is now seeking Asylum in Serbia, since he can’t return to his native Bahrain without facing the death penalty for his crimes. It is unknown whether or not his plea for asylum will be granted, but it would certainly be interesting to hear his testimony so the true depravity of the al-Mujahideen unit is part of historical record.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ali Ahmed al-Hammad

  1. Hope he rots in prison. After all, if Christians want to play the Muslim game, as he is lying to them, they will lie to him to get him to talk and then keep him in prison. Now that’s something he might understand! Or ship him back to Bahrain to certain death. I vote for whatever extracts the most information and causes him the most harm.

  2. Your article needs a bit of correction.
    Serb tropps did not invade Bosnia & Herzegovina, but rather indignious serbs rose against muslim and croat sesession from then Yugoslavia.
    Serbs have been natives in B&Hv since the 6th century. Before Muhammad was born.
    At the beggining of war they made up more than a third of the population.

    • Correct. And Bosniacs as people were invented in 1993. to make you think it is only
      them who are indigenous. Prior to that the were just Islamized Serb converts.

  3. The most evil religion to walk the earth

  4. Nobody is seriously considering giving this … thing asylum are they? I know people have to move on but nobody shouldn’t have to see him coming down the street after what he did, even years later. I hear Bahrainian prisons are lovely and have a nice death row. Win / Win?

  5. Well this guy won’t be seeking asylum in Serbia. Haaaahahaha.. He wouldn’t live 1 day in Serbia!!! Serbs would take him in secretly and torture him to hell. Oh if only Slick willy didn’t intervene with this. Slobodan Malosivich should have continued on killing these muslim bastards. When I was at Fob Connor in Bosnia I would always hear the stories from locals about what the mudslimes would do. They drew first blood!

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