Your Daily Muslim: Sakib Ahmed

Sakib Ahmed

Sakib Ahmed

19-year-old UK Muslim Sakib Ahmed was just trying to follow in the footsteps of his beloved prophet, pigs be upon him. He knew what he was doing was frowned upon by the kuffar (infidels), but chose to disregard secular western law and instead followed the savage urge growing in his pants. As you probably already know, the “prophet” Muhammad, pigs be upon him, was a child molester who “married” a girl when she was six and penetrated her when she was nine. Ahmed was unable to find a victim of that age, so he did the best he could and found a 14-year-old via Blackberry messenger. He met her at an all-ages dance party. What he did next is an affront to human decency.

Ahmed approached the girl and the two began to talk. She told him she was 14 years old, to which he replied, “pretend you’re 16,” before grabbing her and basically assaulting her with his tongue in the party’s bathroom. Despite that experience with him, the girl agreed to meet him once more. He drove her to a field and pressured her into having sex with him. When the incident – and others involving Ahmed – were reported to authorities, he was arrested. In total, he confessed to having lured and pressured five young girls into performing sexual favors for him. Predators like him deserve to be alone with their hand forever.

13 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Sakib Ahmed

  1. It sounds to me like this guy is the one descended from pigs and apes. I read Star Trek fanfics about Ferengis who have more respect for women than this guy.

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  3. It’s called Inbreed Romance. Humiliation, anonymity, force – it’s the only way an ugly Muslim can get laid in Britain today.

  4. U talk behind a screen muther fucker cm too our face and say that u filthy basterd may be u should shag ur muther make her hole deeper for ur tongue

  5. U pussy behind screens cm too our faces u little basterds u talk about our prophet peace upon him ameen and our muslim brother may be u should look at ur own before u open ur fat trap basterd

  6. You Low life Scum you bastards how dare you say dat, you fuckin bastards jus because the media chatshit you lot think you know it all you son of bitches you say bout the prophet peace be open him, you lot can chat shit go shag you mothers stop your girls jumping on paki dicks init the slags only go to pakistani guys because you bastards dnt gve dem enough dick

  7. sakib ahmed didn’t do anything wrong you racist ugly mother fukers, use are probly some fat hairy ugly kunts with glasses sat behind a computer and if use were infront of me use will see what us (pakis) can do

  8. Peace be upon the prophet? Pigs be upon him.

    muhammad loved anal in his younger days, especially from camels and Jews and only hated Jews because when he was a caravan trader a well endowed Jew, who are superior to muslims in all ways, went too deep into the prophets all ready stretched anus. The prophet loved it very much and found the Jew cum exhilarating and superior to all others cum, even Christians. When his arousal died off he felt immense pain. The Jew was most surprised by this as he had used pig meat to help in lubricating his large, throbbing israelite dick which he had used in conquering many muslim women who would strip and throw themselves on his long curved jew phallus. he could reach women deeper than mohammad could ever could which led to mohammad compensating by consumating with a 9 year old. mohammad wanted to meet again but the Jew refused. mohammad was left butt hurt, both emotionally and physically and went about making his own religion. To remember this amazing pleasure which he would eternally thank allah for he gave a sacred status upon pigs as through the help of a pig muhammad found a pleasure greater than what allah could ever give

  9. After he does his time, please tell me he’s going back to his country by deportation so he won’t be able to turn around and end up in Canada or God forbid the U.S.

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