Your Daily Muslim: Ahmed Hawchar

Probably one of the more hideous beards featured so far on YDM

Probably one of the most hideous beards featured so far on YDM

Lebanese Muslim Ahmed Hawchar clearly doesn’t understand that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance,” as Barack Hussein Obama put it. Hawchar, who currently resides in Muslim-infested Bankstown, Ausfailia, is a Sunni Muslim. Along with his slightly less unkempt brother Abdullah, who is also on the perma-bulking (read: hamplanet-in-training) diet, Hawchar intimidated a local juice bar owner into selling his property for less than 1/7 of its estimated worth. Why? Because the juice bar’s owner was a Shiite.

Hawchar and his brother repeatedly threatened the Juicylicious (which is not a Beyonce song) establishment’s owner. Hawchar pointed a gun at him and mimicked firing. Shortly thereafter, a horde of rampaging Muslims jumped the fence from a nearby Sunni Islamic center, invaded the establishment, and threatened to burn it down. Many of the savages carried guns. The owner recounted that one of the men threatened to kill him. Shia Muslims are viewed as kuffar (infidels) by many Sunnis, and are thus subject to the same persecution despite the fact that they still worship Allah and respect Muhammad, pigs be upon him.

The sale took place in public, at a shopping center. With assistance from a friend, Jalal Mariam (a dude with a woman’s last name, I wonder how his gender identity’s holding up), Hawchar put up the money and bought the juice bar. Mariam reportedly stated, “If we find out anyone in the area that supports [Syrian president] Bashar al-Assad we will crush them down with our feet.” The juice bar’s former owner was targeted because, as a Shia Muslim, he was believed to be a supporter of the al-Assad regime instead of the predominantly-Sunni al Qaeda terrorists trying to destroy it.

This whole case is weird because I thought this was Islam’s opinion of juice:


6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ahmed Hawchar

  1. “Probably one of the most hideous beards featured so far” Very true, but what about his head? Last time I saw a face like that it had a hook in it.

  2. You’re a sweetie & I’m pretty sure your Mom was a loving, giving, honorable woman. I can just tell. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Whoever wrote this hideous paragraph is a shameless, worthless and overall blasphemous piece of trash who has nothing better to do than to mock other people (or rather pin the blame on the faith, that teaches harmony and unity). If people are doing bad things in the world, fair enough, it is wrong and cannot be justified. But to pour oil on troubled waters (by abusing the faith and not the illiterate people who themselves are abusing it) is not socially acceptable. The writer if the aforementioned garbage should remember that if he points one finger at others, three point back at him. And speaking of pigs…it takes a pig to know one, you arrogant, absent-minded, verbose, self-obsessed, moronic plonker!!!!

    • Note the lack of condemnation of the featured Muslim’s religious intolerance. Note the “Islam teaches harmony and unity” while conveniently not mentioning the Qur’an’s calls to kill unbelievers.

    • You are one (once upon a time), one of those helpless refugees that come to Australia for a better life???
      ……..I suggest you keep your mouth shut!!!!!!
      Simply,….. take yourself, family, and KORAN right back to the country you originated from.

      :).., you understand?

      (L.E) < Late Entry…..
      You "Muslims" (shiite / sunnis) always complain about how bad things are in your country, yet you come here to Ausralia to spread your infamous 'disease/s'……

      f***k….. you depress me, you do……………..

  4. Fuck you and fuck your whole family you racist cunt
    Too funny when you buckle when you see a Lebo in the street.
    Fuck him and fuck the juice shop, all shit kickers, him and his mates and the juice shop flops all shit it from me.
    You are all fucking idiots, and you who wrote this article, You will burn, permanently remember this promise.

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