Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Salem Nazari

Despite all his rage, he's still just a (Muzz)rat in a cage.

Despite all his rage, he’s still just a (Muzz)rat in a cage.

Pedophiles often take jobs or engage in activities that enable them to be around children. Ausfailian Muslim Mohammad Salem Nazari, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, is one such pervert. Instead of grooming girls for sex like Muslims do in the UK, Nazari instead tried to do the pedo lightning round and grope as many young girls as possible within a short time frame. His location of choice? A public pool in Sydney. The pool did not offer sharia-compliant swim sessions, so Nazari probably felt as though the underage girls were asking for it by swimming in front of unrelated men.

Nazari went into the Rapid River Ride at the pool, which has a constantly-flowing current. He positioned himself in the current so that he would come into contact with the various underage females also using the ride. As more and more girls came down the river, Nazari grabbed them and indecently touched them, causing them to panic. Authorities were notified, and seven girls came forward alleging that the Muslim had groped them – all within a 25-minute window. Nazari was arrested and came up with the most bizarre defense ever: he didn’t know how to swim.

Yep, he claimed that because he was unable to swim, the current must have moved him into the girls, causing the contact. As if any young girl would want a gross (likely drooling) Islamic pervert anywhere near them; they would swim away. Plus, if Nazari didn’t know how to swim, why would he go to a pool in the first place?! Hopefully the judge in this case sees through this Muslim’s lies and throws away the key – which is actually a possibility here considering Nazari’s demeanor. Police said he showed no remorse and was “extremely nonchalant.” Nazari’s case is pending trial, and his visa has been revoked.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Salem Nazari

  1. These muslim paedophiles JUST DON’T GET IT, do they? They are too cowardly to try these stunts with a grown woman, who would return their nuts to them on a platter.

    The way most of these guys reek, there should be ban on them being in public swimming facilities at all………………… it is impossible to add enough chlorine to get rid of that stench and still safely use the water for swimming………………. just sayin’

  2. Sydney is in Australia, not the UK

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