Your Daily Muslim: Abdul-Aziz al-Deobandi

Abdul-Aziz al-Deobandi listening to Ke$ha’s “Blow,” the theme song of Islam.

Aside from looking absolutely braindead and reciting whatever other Muslims tell him, there isn’t much New York Muslim Abdul-Aziz al-Deobandi likes to discuss online. It’s quite possible his mindless expression comes from his constant headbanging – that is, banging his head on the ground five times a day while bending over for Allah. He’s so lacking in skill that he chooses to be a self-proclaimed “seeker” of Allah instead of a seeker of employment. In addition to his increasing uselessness, al-Deobandi is also experiencing ever more frequent delusions of a psychopath in the sky named Allah and his messenger, Muhammad (pigs be upon him.)

al-Deobandi is a homophobe, since that’s what his religion tells him to be. He spoke favorably of India’s recent ban on gay sex, but unlike a lot of US homophobes, hates Fox News, which he believes has a pro-white agenda. His negative opinion of Fox News, America’s highest-rated cable news channel, was probably fed to him by other Muslims. Aside from being a critic of gays and Fox News, he’s also critical of Salafi and Wahhabi Muslims. You can guess why – because other Muslims told him he should be.

al-Deobandi considers himself an Islamic scholar in training, and posts bizarre quotes of Islamic jurisprudence/fiqh on his Facebook nonstop. Of course, the wannabe scholar doesn’t realize that he’s wasting his life spewing crap no one cares about.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdul-Aziz al-Deobandi

  1. I have followed your site since the beginning, however I cannot follow any more, as all of these vile creatures are causing a negative physical, psychological and moral outrage that I can barely contain. This is by no means your fault, but their fault – the muslims. I can barely go a day and not feel that I would be totally justified in eliminating every one that crosses my path, man, women or child. Please keep up your fantastic research, there are soooo many leftards that need to be educated about this horrendous ideology of death worship. I for one, will retire to a dark place, in order to regain a sense of restraint…

  2. Dear Jorge
    Don’t retire. Use every opportunity to show your disdain for these subhumans. When a ninja walks by I always take theopportunity to glare at them and I see the concern on the faces of their young children. They will ask why?
    The children will rebel especially living in a western country.
    I will say it again and again the clerics, muftis and mullahs are the key. They must be controlled and keep away from the ignorant masses.

  3. His forehead does seem to be damaged, moderately or a little more.

  4. Good lord what an ugly animal!

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