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Your Daily Muslim: Kashif Parvaiz

Nerd alert

Nerd alert

I have no idea why so many people do it – dumping an attractive, stable partner for a less attractive and less stable one seems like a bad decision. However, New Jersey Pakistani Muslim Kashif Parvaiz did exactly that. He married a woman named Nazish Noorani in an arranged marriage, but soon started seeing the significantly less attractive Antoinette Stephen, who lived in the area. Neighbors said Parvaiz appeared unfriendly, perhaps aloof. Of course, Islam doesn’t really allow many options for women to divorce their husbands, so Noorani was stuck in a miserable, abusive relationship. Things then took a turn for the worse, as is to be expected when dealing with Muslims.

Noorani sent this frightened text message to her brother: “I dont no wht to do. Cant talk to him cuz he abuse me than … he doesnt wanna live with me … i dont no kids get scared of him sometimes … im so tired of this … i dont no Im scared …someday u will find me dead because its cuz of kaski … he wants to kill me.” Though her husband had repeatedly hit her per Qur. 4:34 and Qur. 2:223, Noorani would end up dying at Stephen’s hand. Parvaiz instructed Stephen to kill his wife, and the love-smitten uggo shot Noorani to death. Why did Parvaiz have her killed? because she had allegedly spoken negatively about her family. Gee, I wonder why, you abusive idiot!

Of course, the story gets even more absurd. When the murderous couple was arrested, Parvaiz initially told police that his wife had been shot by a group of men who called them “terrorists.” Yep, a Muslim lying and pretending to be a victim of a made-up hate crime… who’da thunk it?!

Oh, and that’s not the weirdest part of this whole situation. Apparently Parvaiz had been chatting up his 74-year-old gay hairdresser (then again, what other kind is there), and had convinced the senior to sign away most of his life savings to him shortly before the murder occurred. Whether or not Parvaiz was involved with the hairdresser is unknown, though it is reported that the two men cuddled. #Gayporn4muhammad, anyone?

Parvaiz also has a history of violence against women. One of his former mistresses filed charges against him for abusing her – because he suspected her of infidelity. Yet again, we see the Islamic double standard where men are excused of their sexual and relational misconduct while women are constantly and endlessly punished. Another incident involving the police and a domestic dispute between Parvaiz and his wife had been reported by neighbors. Thankfully, Parvaiz is behind bars and will be staying there for quite some time.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Kashif Parvaiz

  1. Men lying is a common theme when they are confronted with crimes. I have a theory, they are so used to calling the shots against helpless women and children and never being questioned, that when they are caught by law enforcement or actual men they revert to age 6 and say a monster did it, or the victim asked for it and because they are muslim men they will automatically be believed. With this sad tale of orphans and gay hair dressers being robbed of their life savings and a fug mistress, the only loser was the poor woman forced to marry someone who never loved her and abused her terribly. She knew she was going to die, and out of shame was afraid to turn his dirty ass in to the police. She would have been believed and helped, it’s better to get a divorce and start over than to die, especially at the hands of some pig of a man who no God would love.

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