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Your Daily Muslim: Shaheed Khan

This is not Shaheed Khan. But the picture is kinda relevant.

This is not Shaheed Khan. But the picture is kinda relevant.

Beards look great on a lot of men, and have steadily been (re)gaining social acceptance. However, that wasn’t the case for Shaheed Khan, a California Muslim who worked as a trainer at McDonald’s. In other words, he was paid to tell high-schoolers and drugged-out party animals who probably cheated their way to a GED how to not goof around on their phones and how to ask super-sized people whether or not they want to super-size their order. With people of the average McDonald’s customer’s girth, the answer to that super-size question should be obvious. What wasn’t obvious to Khan, however, was that his desire to grow a beard would be frowned upon by corporate management.

A devout Muslim, Khan felt he was somehow not fulfilling the duties of his faith because he groomed his facial hair. Unlike the well-tended beards of Chris Hemsworth and Brad Pitt, Muslims’ beards tend to grow out of control quite quickly and probably play host to large colonies of lice. McDonald’s didn’t want someone with an unkempt beard to serve as an example to new employees, most of whom would probably get fired for missing their first shift because they were too high to come in and/or too fat to fit through the door. Khan’s request to grow a beard was denied, since McDonald’s food is gross enough without a generous helping of oversized face-pubes and lice. Khan quit his job immediately thereafter and did what lots of other Muslims do: the traditional Islamic pastime commonly known as grievance-mongering!

Like tons of other Muslims who claim to have been discriminated against simply because they were told to follow the same rules as everyone else, Khan filed a LOLsuit against the corporation. Unfortunately, McDonald’s gave the Muslim $50,000 to silence his whining and promised to increase training on “anti-discrimination” policies. So following the same rules that everyone else has to follow is discriminating against Islam… hmm, maybe Islam just isn’t compatible with secular, western society? No way, that can’t be true…

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  1. It makes me wonder why the immigration department don’t insist on migrants signing a statement to the effect that they will abide by the rules of the land or remain in their shit-hole where they are from. Maybe I will grow a beard too and see if I can get a quic $50,000. Ooops, forgot, I am not a Muslim , so not much chance of that. They will tell me to piss off, which they should have told this moron.

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