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Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Afzal Rizwi

Something seems to have caught this crazy cleric's attention... I suspect it's an underage girl.

Something seems to have caught this crazy cleric’s attention… I suspect it’s an underage girl.

Mohammad Afzal Rizwi is the mufti of Darululoom Ifta in Bareilly, India. He’s also a rabid homophobe and sex-ophobe whose mind hasn’t progressed from the seventh century. His disdain for sex probably comes from his own inability to perform. Recently, Rizwi issued a fatwa that demonstrated the “proud tradition of tolerance” Barack Hussein Obama claims Islam has.

On the subjects of homosexuality and live-in heterosexual relationships (where premarital sex is occurring), Rizwi’s fatwa stated: “A person may be burned alive, pushed from a high wall or be beaten publicly with stones if he indulges into either of the two behaviors.” Burned alive for not wanting to put a ring on it… wow. I mean, when a dude moves in with a woman, he’s buying the cow at that point; is the ring really all that significant in terms of their relationship? I don’t think so. However, Rizwi apparently does, since his mind is fixated upon the thoughts of his imaginary friend who happens to be a sadistic psychopath.

Rizwi’s fatwa also stated that a woman in a live-in heterosexual relationship cannot ask to be given the rights of a wife. Hopefully some females out there are using this absurd fatwa to get out of having to do various household chores. Numerous other clerics immediately backed Rizwi’s fatwa, forever declaring themselves relics of an era long past.

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