Your Daily Muslim: Sabreena Sadaf (Part 2)

She's baaaaaaaaack!

She’s baaaaaaaaack!

Pakistani Muslimah Sabreena Sadaf belongs in a room with white padded walls. In part 1, the lunatic claimed that eating pork products causes babies to be born out of wedlock. Sadaf also threatened infidels on various counterjihad Facebook pages with death and torture. Yep, because threatening to kill people who disagree with you is a totally logical and civilized thing to do. Sadaf’s most recent claim, however, may be the most absurd yet – she says she met the antichrist, known as the Dajjal in Islam. She didn’t explain it any further, but apparently she thinks she met the chosen child of the devil. I’m guessing this alleged meeting occurred when she looked in the mirror.


Sadaf’s personal Facebook account is riddled with images of Illuminati and Islamic symbolism. Some of the images accuse Facebook of being an instrument in a Zionist and/or Illuminati scheme. Here is one such image, with what she said about it:


If that’s not enough to convince you that this month’s Muslim of the Month winner needs to be institutionalized, perhaps these screenshots of her foaming and threatening infidels will. Her page’s name, “Energy of light & power of love,” becomes quite ironic when you read the bile she spews.



I will never understand her vendetta against our porcine friends. For one, they’re delicious. For two, BACON.


Some programmer out there really needs to make a Sabreena Sadaf insult generator. It would create caps-lock messages of tenuous grammatical correctness rife with profanity, threats against infidels, and anti-pig rhetoric.


Oh man. The irony here is astounding. She claims infidel pages have no love or light on them, but look at the vile crap she’s spewing – she has absolutely no right to criticize anyone or anything for being negative.



How peaceful. Surely, kicking someone will change their mind and make them realize that Islam is the religion of peace. Of course, Sadaf’s foaming was nowhere near finished. After having gained a certain degree of online notoriety thanks to her first YDM piece, she raged even harder:


This last screenshot will probably make you fall out of your chair laughing, if you haven’t done so already.


So, lemme get this straight – we’ve all been alive for thousands of years, and we’re actually pigs instead of people? Is that what she’s trying to say? As profoundly absurd as her statement is, it pales in comparison to the fact that she wholeheartedly believes it to be true. As for her “expensive time” – I have to laugh. Her clothes look like they’re from the clearance rack at a thrift store.

11 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Sabreena Sadaf (Part 2)

  1. Please tell me that this “mooslima” is not married (as either wife number 1,2 3, or 4). Hopefully, she will never procreate because the thought of her having children scares me more than her face.

    Salami to you.

    • I’m not sure any man could put up with her insanity, haha. I bet she’ll become one of those old women with 100+ cats in her house.

      • Ur grandma probably has 100+ cats, thats probably how u got the image, i know alot of ppl (non relgious) seem to cure there pain threw animal friendships lol, talk about in humane, ur a total retard ive been reading ur posts and others on this site, u ppl are just as bad as the muslims, if not worse because of the mocary if u so called knew u were right and religion is false, u wouldnt need to make this site to bring thes mattars to light, but u seeped as low as those animals making u a discrase and complete embarressement to ur family, ur ppl and ur country, keep the midevil in the mid evil times, because reading ur “posts” ur a sick minded person who i would catagorize with those uneducated fools that u try to humiliate… Unfortunately i have to keep writing to let you know u are also humiliating ur self and everyone u affiliate urself with, think before u do things this site is as savage as there actions, and sadly but surely ur actions are of those who are 1 immature, 2 ignorant 3 hypocritical and last but not least 4 of what u discribe as a “muslim” just a word from ur fellow atheist aussie

      • LOL you write like a completely uneducated idiot. Likely a Muslim claiming to be an infidel; no atheist has that poor of typography.

  2. when the daily muslim referred to a curse thousands of years back she doesn’t mean that the people now populating this planet have been alive then. She insinuates that today’s non-muslim population’s ancestors have been cursed, this is an idea that is repeatedly expressed in the Koran.
    The Koran teaches that all modern Jews are descended from pigs & apes (because their ancestors once broke the shabbat and then allah had to transform them). (see koran sura 2, verses 65-66).
    Though Allah has cursed other people for not being Muslim before as well (koran 2.88-89). Cursing people is kind of a hobby of Allah & Muslims (2.161)

    But regarding the rest of content: I find it incredibly amusing that this muslim is the opinion that it is the kuffar who are mutilated. As far as I remember it’s mostly muslims who submit their daughters to FGM.

  3. Did she write this on the dirt floor of her muslim sty whilst her mother pedalled on a generator to create the other western evil called electricity?
    I will ponder her words whilst I sit in my air conditioned room far from the disease ridden backward nation of Pakistan. I must be really cursed! Lol

  4. If you’ve ever been to the middle east, and I have, you cannot tell the difference between a Jew and a Muslim, they look alike, so if one is descended from something, so is the other. Other than dress and religious beliefs these people descended from the same source. She lives in a country that barely has roads, she’s wealthy and educated compared to about 99% of the women in her country, and she’s westernized by her dress and sunglasses. But she is 100% out of her mind. The poor one eye man was weeping because he was a poor beggar trying to get money, not the anti christ, she’s a loon. Love & Light!!

  5. More proof of the results of muslim inbreeding

  6. Where is this filthy prostitutes hornie-provoking-hair bag. Haramidomadingdong. That’s Allah’s magic word for leopardation cheap hooker wear. Just when you think – muslims can’t be as incapable of logical coherent thought as it seems, the word “piggy” is presented as proof of muslim supperiority. I doubt she’s capable of any more than gratuitous insults. Facinating. Given muslims’ childlike overreaction to even the smallest perceived insults, I feel certain that this shemuz thinks her audience is dropping dead over her babbling assault.

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