Your Daily Muslim: Haris Causevic

He looks more like the type to praise Satan than Allah

He looks more like the type to praise Satan than Allah

Muslims spread the peace of their religion any way they can – shooting up schools, honor killings, and of course, bombings. Bosnian Muslim Haris Causevic chose the latter of those three methods to spread his religion. In 2010, in the town of Bugojino, Causevic carried a bag containing a bomb against the wall of a police station. Police knew the Dethklok-looking Muslim was up to no good. Causevic set the bag down, activated the device, and fled, but police caught him. He threw a grenade right before he was seized.

One casualty from the bomb’s explosion later, Causevic realized the overwhelming underperformance of his jihad attack. He admitted to having planted the bomb, claiming it was his hope to destabilize the local and national government. “I was cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” – that’s from the Qur’an, and it’s probably what inspired Wahhabi Muslim Causevic. The Muslim was sentenced to 45 years behind bars, where he will no doubt be bending over for more than just his deity.

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  2. “He looks more like the type to praise Satan than Allah”
    You feel there is much difference… 😉

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