Your Daily Muslim: Kyza Khan

I'm guessing that infant will grow up to be a suicide bomber

I’m guessing that infant will grow up to be a suicide bomber

Now, let’s get started…

Just a taste of that's in store.

Just a taste of that’s in store.

Afghan Muslim Kyza Khan, who now lives in Cardiff, Wales, is exactly the kind of person who needs to get out of the west. A raging homophobe, Khan hasn’t caught onto the fact that western values are here to stay. Hell, he even thinks Jersey Shore-style fashion is still acceptable. The Muslim, who is scrawny despite displaying roid-rage levels of anger, rages at next to everything in our secular, free society, yet it hasn’t clicked in his head yet that maybe he just doesn’t belong here.

This is why he's on here.

This is why he’s on here.

Yep, that’s how Islam treats gays under sharia. Hey, Barack Hussein Obama, about that “proud tradition of tolerance” you claim Islam has…

Khan’s Facebook cover photo currently discusses Islam conquering the world. For those out there who treat Islam as being just like any other religion, wake up. It isn’t. It is a totalitarian political ideology with a spiritual component. If it were just like any other religion, then other religions would be similar – you don’t see a Wiccan equivalent to sharia. You don’t see anything remotely as cruel out of the New Testament. However, to a Muslim like Khan, the language of violence is the one that he understands. Violence is how Islam spread, and even today, we see the followers of Muhammad (pigs be upon him) acting out in ways similar to how he did during his years as a warlord.

The word "racist" being incorrectly thrown around AGAIN... Yet again, Muslim is not a race.

The word “racist” being incorrectly thrown around AGAIN… Yet again, Muslim is not a race.

Khan supports anti-Semitic and anti-Western pages on Facebook, and routinely bombards counterjihad pages like YDM with his vitriolic bile. Among his profile pictures is an image of Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh along with a homophobic quotation of Jammeh’s that included “If we catch you [gays], you will regret why you were born.” Most places, if someone posted that as their profile picture, they would be rightly bombarded with hatemail for being such a douchebag. However, not one of Khan’s Facebook friends commented on the image. His friends are likely all Muslims, as Islam commands Muslims not to “take [infidels] as allies.” Yet another hole in the aforementioned “proud tradition of tolerance.”

Here are the remainder of my screenshots of Khan’s rage.

A UK Muslim claiming INFIDELS engage in incest?! Priceless.

A UK Muslim claiming INFIDELS engage in incest?! Priceless.

"My name is Hitler." Wow. Such tolerance.

“Surname is Hitler.” Wow. Such tolerance.

If anyone is involved in incest here, it's not the kuffar...

If anyone is involved in incest in the UK, it’s not the kuffar, there was a study…

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Kyza Khan

  1. Really comforting that our government has let scum like this walk our streets.thanks Mr Cameron.

    Keep up the good work.Great blog.

  2. “7th century loon” is a good description of this Kyza (Kaiser?) Bullet-Khan…he’s just another raging inbred muslim moron spewing the insane teachings of Moo-Ham-Mad the Madman from 622 A.D.

  3. From what I remember from the UK news it is mostly white non-Muslim women & Sikh and Hindu women or girls who become victims of a disproprtionate number of Muslim sex offender. (Well okay many cowardish UK media outlets spoke about Asian rape gangs but those rape gangs strangely only consisted of Muslims)
    The daily Muslim must have missed those news. ..

  4. Rabid degenerate anally obsessed inbred retarded dickhead. 🙂 Shoot it.

  5. We need to unite in europe and the west in total against anti christians and anti western pigs and dessert believers and pedofile worshippers. We should first tackle social democratic systems, and after that target the ones the socialists protect.

  6. He’s a secret cock sucker, really over compensating dude. I know! Pigs are wonderful and given a choice between saving a pig or this guy and any of his family, the pig would get saved. He’s a waste of electronics and hair gel.

  7. Nothing here is extrenist content..google along with the your daily muslim page are so thick..you really think a muslim soulja like is worried lol?i fear allah only

    • You are an extremist. You hate gays. You hate the kuffar. Get the fuck out of the west.

      • Extremist? Define exteemist tome u uneducated moron..speaking up against donkeys like you lot for disrespecting my religion thats extremist? And yes im totally against gays and so is christianity so does that mean christianity is extreme? Most of you have the jesus pbuh cross on ur chest but he was against gays so was he an extremist? As for people like me bein in the west well once again you uneducated donkeys if your british empire didnt colonise half the globe and steal our resources we wouldnt be here..iv been called a racist my sons half white lol idiots…your all just racists who live sad lives….and we hate the kuffar? Once again you donkeys my best mate is white british christian lool u people make me laugh😂😂😂

      • Some forms of Christianity oppose homosexuality. Not all. Also, Christians don’t try to kill gays, unlike you lot.

        Your societies get TONS of foreign aid from the west. We help you out, we let you in our countries, yet you REFUSE to INTEGRATE! Part of integrating means dumping the 7th-century crap where it belongs and being tolerant of LGBT people. As for being racist – Islam is a religion, not a race. I don’t care what color you or your family members are.

        Also, Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. I’m not sure he even cared.

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