Your Daily Muslim: Ammaz Qureshi

Ammaz Qureshi looking totally innocent

Ammaz Qureshi looking totally innocent

UK Muslim Ammaz Qureshi is a horrible human being, if you can even call him human. Sorry for the lack of creativity there; I am literally speechless because of his actions. Qureshi was involved in a long-distance relationship with a young mother (also a Muslim) from Norway despite being married, and the two frequently spoke via Skype. However, the woman’s one-year-old daughter wouldn’t stop crying, and Qureshi was fed up.

Qureshi’s objection to the infant’s life began many months before, likely when the girl had made a fuss and perhaps disrupted his cyber sex session. Qureshi talked the girl’s mother into torturing the infant and allowing him to watch over Skype. The tortures included spraying the girl in the face with a bottle of water, forcing her to sleep on the floor, holding her head under running water, force-feeding her chili powder, keeping her awake, and binding her legs. I have no idea why the girl’s mother complied; perhaps she is as sick in the head as Qureshi, or perhaps he threatened her. Why she did it is unknown.

One night, the couple was having a Skype session and the woman’s baby kept screaming in the background. Qureshi told the woman to submerge the baby to silence it. She obliged. She had done the same the previous night, and it had apparently succeeded. This time, however, it worked a little too well. The child was unconscious and wouldn’t wake up. The woman frantically drove the girl to the hospital, but it was to no avail. Qureshi was extradited to Norway to stand trial. He claims he is innocent, though we all know better.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ammaz Qureshi

  1. If anyone has earned an express ticket to hell to have the devil’s thorny cock shoved up his ass, it’s this guy. Jesus forgives everyone in His infinite grace, but no one on Earth will probably ever forgive this degenerate.

  2. Yes, it’s very holy to cheat on your wife, and then direct the murder of a child because she’s crying for attention because she’s a baby, very holy. Torture is the usual method to make someone not cry? Okay, Gitmo has been going about this all wrong. Unfortunately because Norwegian’s are very forgiving people the most the two killers will get is 10 years, but on the upside, Ammaz will actually come out of prison with an education and a trade which is mandatory in Norway’s penal system. Plus no one will tell on him that he had gay sex with men for 10 years either. Someone just won the lottery by killing a baby.

  3. I used to work with Ammaz. His first wife left him. Ammaz essentially told me my boss used to time me on toilet breaks, and it made me really uncomfortable to leave my desk. He is a weird guy. Spent way to long in chat rooms…..

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