Your Daily Muslim: Mozammel Haq Mazi

Mozammel Haq Mazi

Mozammel Haq Mazi

Bangladeshi Muslim Mozammel Haq Mazi couldn’t resist. He knew she was married (as was he), but he was unable to help himself. He figured her for easy prey, that she wouldn’t tell a soul. Now, however, Mazi knows better.

Mazi broke into the home of 40-year-old Monju Begum while she was sleeping. He tried to force himself onto her, but she grabbed the knife she kept by her bed and used it to ensure the sick Muslim would never rape again. The blade struck, and Mazi let out an unearthly wail. While his screams of anguish probably woke the entire neighborhood, Begum finished the job in a fairly clean manner, removing both Mazi’s penis and his testicles. Apparently this is kind of a common thing for Bangladeshi Muslimahs to do to men who mistreat them.

Begum then threw the wounded Muslim off of her before wrapping the genitals in polythene and carrying them to the police station as evidence. Begum identified her assailant and he was taken into custody. Upon his arrest, Mazi claimed that he and Begum had been seeing each other, though they were both married. He claimed that Begum attacked him when he refused to leave his wife for her, a story she denies. “I am a double victim,” Mazi said. “First, she cut my penis and now police say they are going to arrest me for attempted rape. We were having an affair and recently she suggested that both of us can go and settle down in Dhaka. I refused and told her that I cannot leave my wife and children, so she took revenge on me.” Oh look, a guilty Muslim man trying to play the victim. Whodathunkit?!

However, Begum denied that any of what Mazi said was true. She claims Mazi had previously harassed her and the two did not have an intimate relationship. Logic backs Begum on this one; if she and Mazi were having a consensual relationship, why would Mazi need to break into Begum’s bedroom?

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mozammel Haq Mazi

  1. You claim Muslims are Terrorists?, very well Here are the U.S.A’s terrorist acts
    First;Before the war in Afghanistan Started, the Taliban offered America to hand over Osama bin Laden if they could prove Him guilty, they even said they would Put him on trial!, anyways America still attacked Afghanistan and Many people died
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    1.Nagasaki and Hiroshima: Casualties in Nagasaki:150,000, Casualties in Hiroshima: 75,000,150,000+75,000=225,000, 9/11 casualties(which were probably not even done by Muslims):3000
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    6.the thousands of Iranians tortured and murdered by SAVAK, the secret police of the regime installed in 1953 as a result of a CIA-led coup which overthrew the popular Iranian Premier, Mossadegh);
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    15.the tens of thousands of Kurdish civilians killed in South-East Turkey during the 1990s by Turkish government soldiers using weapons and equipment supplied to them by the U.S. (which knew exactly what they were doing with them);
    16.the tens of thousands of civilians in Sudan who have died due to the absence of medicines resulting from the destruction of the Sudanese pharmaceutical plant by American cruise missiles in 1998 and from the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan;
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    18.and the tens of millions of civilians who die every year in Third World countries from starvation, disease and despair because their countries are mired in poverty and corruption as a result of economic exploitation by American multinational corporations and the international banking elite acting with the support and approval of the American government.
    Is their ANY Solid proof Osama did 9/11?. Fact: He denied it Twice!
    You Claim Muslims kill civillians,Fact:It is FORBIDDEN to kill:Non Combatants, Women, Children, and Elderly People (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)
    You Claim Islam commands FGM Fact:Female Genital Mutilation is a CULTURAL act,not a Islamic act
    You Claim Islam allows Lying to Protect your Religion Fact: Taqiya is a Shitte practice NOT a islamic practice (Shittes have MANY heretical beliefs that go against Islam,They worship 14 humans, They may claim to be Muslims but they are Not):see:http://islamicresponse.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-is-taqiyya.html
    Your claims about Pedophilia have been refuted(i can not write it here,It is too long):http://muslim-responses.com/Marriage_with_Aisha/Marriage_with_Aisha_
    I hope you can actually READ these links instead of just Ignoring them,

    • 1) The atrocities committed in the past by mankind in general are not – and will NEVER be – a justification for atrocities committed at the present or in the near future. If everyone starts thinking like that, we can forget about peace because it will never happen. There will always be some dickhead who says: “Hey, so and so did ‘that’ in the past, so that means I am
      allowed to do it as well”. So go and find another argument.

      2) I sincerely wish you “upright” muslims would react as vehemently towards your rabid extremist brethren as you just did towards the post above. But of course you never do because you will get your head cut off.

      3) stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We know full well that your ambition (muslims on general, not YOU particularly), is to flood us with muslim immigrants and their descendants, taking advantage of our social security systems, and eventually force your retarded way of living and religion upon us, free men and women. Well I have news for you: It is NOT going to happen. I will NEVER wear a veil (let alone the dirt bag you call a Burkha), and if I have to I will go down fighting in order to defend that freedom.

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  3. “Is their ANY Solid proof Osama did 9/11?. Fact: He denied it Twice!”

    Oh dear ….and he clearly was such an honourable man, to be trusted in everything. I have been so wrong! His sweet face, his pleading eyes. I bet he smelled fine too!
    I shall never do it again.

  4. That woman is a hero, so the courts will likely believe the lying rapist, repressed men are always rapists – part of the big problem with this religion. Women suffer men rape and brutalize. As for Bin Ladin, the world sighed with relief when his corpse was thrown overboard into the sea for a reason, he was guilty. The U.S. offered his body back to Saudi Arabia and they said No Way We Want HIM in Our Kingdom, let the fishes have him. His own people didn’t want his dead body to be buried on his home soil. That should tell even the dumbest man in the world something about Bin Boy.
    The good news is that they can’t sew the rapists dick and balls back on, and he’s probably going to be raped in prison because he looks like a woman now.

  5. Akhee Truth, it is WORTHLESS to debate(or even talk!) with these deluded people, they are just like how Allah(subhana hu wa ta’ala) described them”Deaf,Dumb and Blind”, they will never believe even if Angels came down to them!
    Ushiwawa your reply shows how ignorant you are of Islam, it clearly shows typical Western hypocrisy, If a women wears a Bikini it is Her right! she can wear anything she wants, BUT when a women Wears a Hijab(especially the niqab), she is Oppressed!,
    OUR women wear the Veil, out of their own choice,Our women wear the Veil because they have Taqwa! OUR women wear the Veil because they have Honor and Dignity!, unlike your women who Dress like whores and Prostitute their bodies to men!
    You call yourselves ”free” men and women, i just laugh at how Satan has deluded you
    You smoke:Die of some Lung disease
    You drink:To much harms to even list!
    You Fornicate:get AIDS(Muhammad(salla allahu alayhi wasalam)Prophesied AIDS as: ”A disease that will Affect Fornicators and Homosexuals and has no cure”
    You Do drugs: Get loads of diseases, get bankrupt, and so much other harms
    America is filled with Immoralities of all kind, Pornography(the accursed sex industry is BASED in L.A!), Homosexuality, Fornication, you name it, I am Sure Bestiality(which is punishable by death in islam) is gonna become Legal sometime in America you just wait and see……
    Saudi Arabia has one of the LOWEST crime rates in the World, Why?, because it Implements Shari’a, If the Punishment of Robbery is Amputation, very few People will steal!, because it wont be worth to lose Your hand,
    Whenever America(read:hypocrites) Invade a country WHOEVER fights against their Occupation is Labeled a ”Terrorist”
    You say we Abuse women, LOL, You(western men) only love women for Their bodies and Nothing else, Explain pornography(read:filth) wear Women are always Abused and Treated like Objects,
    It just exposes your Double-standards
    Anyways, your Foaming(admin) does nothing But increase us in Faith, go on and foam moar, i just laugh at your Pitiful attempts to Demonize us, You will regret all those words you said when you DIE(we are all mortal), keep on laughing you will remember my words one day,
    Also, Usamah died of Kidney problems wayyy back in 2001, There is NO proof that he was Killed by SEALs and had his body dumped in the sea
    Oh and Adam Gadahn, And Ayman al CIAdhri are all (to me) CIA actors(ever heard of Tim Osman?)

    • @Gulfstate(r): I know Islam very well. I know it is a religion of lyres, rapers, hypocrites and cowards.

      The difference between us, free Western woman, and the oppressed breeding cattle you call your wives, is that we can wear whatever we want, whereas your women are obliged to wear your dirtbag burkha’s and other shit because otherwise you scumbags stone them to death or put them in jail or rape them. You call that free will? Djeezzz…

      If I want to wear a bikini, I wear a bikini, If I want to wear a short skirt, I wear a short skirt. If Your women want to wear a bikini, they wear a dirtbag, If they want to wear a short skirt, they wear a dirtbag. Did you get the difference? It is not very difficult to understand, but of course your inbreeding has hampered your intellect, so I am not even expecting you to comprehend, you useless dork.

      And if our countries are so filled with “immoralities”, well hell, just stay away from them. Easy, no?

      In case you hadn’t noticed, the article to which these comments (should) refer, is about a MUSLIM who has RAPED a MUSLIM WOMAN. Is that mentioned in your fantastic Koran somewhere? I do not think so. So why is he doing it?

      And talking about bestiality, I think the world record of goat-, camel- and donkey-fucking still belongs to Muslims worldwide. I have even seen videos of that on Youtube. Shame on you! You call yourselves Men? You can only think with your tiny little dicks, that’s why you are always talking about fucking and raping and whatever. At least our western men can behave like real men and not like you retarded dorks who have to jump on anything that moves.

      And I do not need to demonise Islam. You are doing a pretty good job of that all on your own, so laugh away, idiot. I am laughing along. Just keep believing your own fairytales, you big ninny.

      I SPIT on religion and I SPIT on idiots like you who want to make our lives hell because we do not want to believe the same shit they do. You are below contempt.

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