Your Daily Muslim: Zaid Hamid

zaid hamid

Pakistani commentator Zaid Hamid (not to be confused with Haamid Zaid) is the kind of man you want living in your community. Well, if you’re a genocidal maniac, that is. Hamid, like many other Muslims, wants to annihilate all the Hindus. While there is some violence committed in the name of Hinduism, it pales in comparison to the widespread slaughter in the name of Islam.

“If you ask me, I pray to Allah that the Americans withdraw from [Afghanistan], and leave the Indians there,” Hamid stated during a televised interview. “It has been a long time since we [Muslims] massacred Hindus in Afghanistan. Historically, it was always like that, and that is why the mountains in Afghanistan are called Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush means a place where Hindus are to be beheaded, a place that kills Hindus. Historically, whenever Hindus entered Afghanistan, they were butchered there. We pray to Allah that the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, and leaves the Bania [Hindu merchants] in their place. The things we would do to the Bania in Afghanistan would make them refrain from looking toward Afghanistan and Pakistan for thousands of years.” Wow, how peaceful. You know how liberals always say that Islam is a misunderstood religion of peace and tolerance? Yeah, I’m totally getting that vibe from this dude. Instead of trying to convert Hindus or engage peacefully with them, what do we see Muslims trying to do? Behead them. And somehow we’re supposed to treat this shit religion with respect?

“There is no room for Hindu polytheists [in Afghanistan,]” Hamid continued. “The Afghan Taliban are waiting to bury Hindu polytheists there, just as they buried the Americans. That is what we are praying for.” If you had any doubts as to whether or not Allah was a bloodthristy psychopath, that should clear that up for you – if his followers know to pray to him for mass murder, you can only imagine what the deity himself is like… I bet he’d make Dexter seem sympathetic by comparison.

“These polytheists do not know that if they poke us once, by Allah, we shall reach Delhi by liberating Kashmir,” Hamid said. “This has been our history. From the mountains of Hindu Kush to Delhi, the region belongs to the Muslims, not to the Hindus.” If the Hindus poke you once, hopefully they do it in the eyes, you genocidal freak.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Zaid Hamid

  1. Typical ‘muzzie’ blithering idiot……
    The Mountain range divides Central Asia and South Asia…..i.e India, Pakistan, Afghanastan, China etc…
    Hindu…correctly meaning India, or Indian..
    Kush is also a derivative of the Cannabis plant…
    So I would take it to mean Indian Cannabis…..haha….good Kush eh…?
    Interpret how ever you may…..but if you take my meaning, there is no hate…just a good high feeling….lol
    Regards to all and a belated Happy New Year…

  2. A shitty guy for a shitty religion.

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  4. slime hamid does not understand his great grandmother was a hindu, who was raped by the muslim invaders to india after killing the men (yes, muslims parasites could do no better than to loot, plunder, booty and sex slaves) hamid, son of mutaa is as mad & bloodthirsty like his lowlife criminal muhamad

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