Your Daily Muslim: Hasaballah Mohamed el Kafrawy

This one is even less intelligent than he looks.

This one is even less intelligent than he looks.

Former Egyptian minister Hasaballah (not to be confused with terror group Hezbollah) Mohamed el Kafrawy probably belongs in an asylum. The geriatric Muslim, instead of consulting fact, instead chose to cite The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as the basis for an anti-Semitic spiel he spewed out during a televised interview. For those unfamiliar with the Protocols, it is a fictitious writing (like the Qur’an in that respect) that was published to generate anti-Semitism. el Kafrawy claims that Jews are more or less in control of the world and implies that, without their manipulations, a second holocaust would have happened.

“They [Jews] rule the world,” el Kafrawy stated with much disdain. “There is no doubt about it. They monopolize… They excel in science, in technology, in the economy, and in the media. They use the non-Jewish fools, and have them fight to prevent a holocaust of the 16 million Jews.” So basically he’s implying that without Jews’ manipulations of lesser minds, the world would have wiped the Jews out long ago. Uhh, hate to burst your bubble, el Kafrawy, but most people don’t believe in an anti-Semitic psychopath in the sky. Muslims’ hatred of Jews comes from the Qur’an, and they routinely call for the annihilation of Israel. Also, el Kafrawy’s mention of Jewish excellence in all fields just goes to show how much more awesome Jews are than the backward Muslims.

“The Jews left the [World Trade Center] before the explosion,” el Kafrawy stated in another interview. “The airplanes were equipped with all possible monitoring devices, yet the attack was attributed to Islam.” You know why the attack was attributed to Islam? Because Jews don’t scream “Yahweh Akbar” and blow shit up. Plus, al Qaeda did kinda take credit for the whole thing… however, el Kafrawy’s delusional mind was not convinced his own religion was to blame.

This off-his-rocker Muslim apparently thinks that Jews are the only ones with a proactive bone in their bodies or something… seriously, it’s like he thinks there’s a Jewish conspiracy behind EVERY major global event! “I say to those who claim that [the Arab Spring] was coincidental: no way,” el Kafrawy said. “With all due respect, it was premeditated. It was all premeditated, in the interest of… I have a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Oh wow, you have a book… well, I have a book called The Chronicles of Narnia, does that make it true? Sometimes these Muslims on here truly astound me with their stupidity. Then I remember that they’re Muslims and it’s par for the course.

Despite his absurd beliefs, el Kafrawy has been honored throughout his career by the French government, the UN, and by internal Egyptian government organizations. Perhaps his recognitions should be reconsidered in light of his recent comments.

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8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Hasaballah Mohamed el Kafrawy

  1. Whenever I hear or read about a Muslim implying that Jews control the world I can’t resist the urge and paraphrase Pat Condell who rightly pointed out that even if it was true that Jews controleld the world, everyon in their right set of mind would much rather have this world controlled by Jews than by Muslims.

  2. I love your writing style! It is truly refreshing to read about these idiots in a non-PC tone. Keep up the good work. Glad I found you.

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  4. All the Muslims to is teach hatred, and all they do is cry pity us to the world to get handouts from more successful governments, they are the beggars of the world. Maybe the Jews are so successful because they don’t require first cousins to marry each other for generations until the offspring is too stupid to even be taught to read properly. Yeah I sure that’s what the prophet wanted, a bunch of inbred lunatics blowing up their own cities and countries.

  5. […] Hasaballah Mohamed el Kafrawy – Egyptian Muslim who claims 9/11 and the Arab Spring were Jewish conspiracies because of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a work of anti-Semitic fiction. Also implied that a second holocaust would have occurred if not for Jewish meddling. […]

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