Your Daily Muslim: Umar Mohammed Kandahar

The Bauchi State Sharia Court

The Bauchi State Sharia Court

Welcome to Nigeria Week 2014! This week, all the featured Muslims will be from the majestic land of Nigeria, where 419 scams, jihad shootings, and death by stoning are commonplace.

Speaking of death by stoning, that’s what’s gonna happen to today’s featured Muslim, 30-year-old Umar Mohammed Kandahar, from sharia-controlled Bauchi State. Despite having three wives (Islam allows polygamy but not polyandry; nothing sexist at all about that,) Kandahar was greedy and wanted to get some even younger vag. Kandahar’s 16-year-old sister was dropped off at his place by their father so Kandahar could take her to school. However, Kandahar had more sinister plans for the girl’s day. He prevented the girl’s escape and molested her, impregnating her.

When you have three wives, you should probably be getting enough from at least one of them that you don’t have urges to molest anyone, especially not your own blood. But apparently that’s not how things work in exotic Nigeria. The teen carried the child to term, and when she explained how she was impregnated, authorities arrested Kandahar. Of course, the scumbag Muslim tried to weasel his way out of it with unbelievable lies- but the kind of lies other Muslims just might believe.

Kandahar pleaded guilty in front of the Bauchi State Sharia Court, though he claimed his sister consented to having sex with him. Thankfully, the judge didn’t buy it, and Kandahar was sentenced to death by stoning. Kandahar is currently filing an appeal.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Umar Mohammed Kandahar

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  2. Rape is almost never about satisfying sexual urges. Most of the time, nearly 99% of the time, it’s about physical & emotional domination. Islam teaches men from a young age that women are property to be used ss they see fit. Because of that, few Islamic men are raised with the moral, ethical, & societal prohibitions that all civilized people inherently have to know rape is wrong.

  3. So what? why are you shocked if you are? there is a law in place that death will be by stoning and that also in public so people will understand the magnitude of the crime. That is their law. Whether we accept it as normal is not their concern. Our laws are not acceptable to them. and with his own sister? that is islam’s teaching. On one hand all the power is given to the woman in the Koran and on the other, you take isolated incidents together with them and blow them out of proportion and tell the world how wicked they are to their women. This crime happens in all societies including white society. Ask Dr. Phil or someone like that and you will find out this happens in all societies. It is just that we do not punish the people concerned as severely as islam does. It is written in the ten commandments of the christian world that they will not covet the neighbor’s woman but they do it and there is no punishment for it. what is your problem?

    • “all the power is given to the women in the Koran” Excuse me, did a rock fall on your head? Perhaps you meant NONE of the power is given to women in the Koran. You must be a very delusional muslime man.

  4. Women in Islam are truly powerful, you see them driving themselves, out an about as a truly liberated group. And then they are killed. Muslim men routinely describe women as plates, if you break on (or kill one) you don’t think about the plate, you replace the plate. Women have no power, and if they divorce they are never given their children, they leave without them. It’s a terrible thing to be an Islamic woman. Now back to the teen rapist… I can’t say I feel bad about his dying, all rapists are scum. The girl is lucky the court believes her, because many times the man goes free and the poor victim is the one stoned to death. Which must be a huge relief.

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