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Your Daily Muslim: Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan

Two chins and a neck fold... no doubt soon to achieve hamplanet status.

Two chins and a neck fold… no doubt soon to achieve hamplanet status.

Nigerian Muslim Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan is a current senator of sharia-controlled Yobe State. If he were currently in office in the US, he would have probably been forced to resign by now due to some rather idiotic statements he made. However, in Nigeria, people just kinda get away with what they want.

Lawan and other Nigerian government officials recently introduced the Prohibition of Same-Sex Marriage Bill, which passed in the nation’s Senate. “This is to be pro-active so no-one catches us unaware,” Lawan said. The nationwide bill would introduce penalties of up to 14 years for gay couples who got married or cohabitated. In sharia-controlled regions of Nigeria, there would likely be a more harsh penalty doled out. Anyone aware of gay activity who does not report it as well as pro-LGBT groups could also face legal penalties under the new law. “We are protecting humanity and family values, in fact, we are protecting civilization in its entirety. Should we allow for indiscriminate same-sex marriage, very soon the population of this world would diminish.” If gay marriage were a threat to the world population, maybe straight people should stop having gay babies. Besides, what does it matter if two gay dudes live together? They’re not hurting anybody, and they’d still be gay even if they were forced to live apart. Banning gay marriage and/or gay sex will not change the fact that some people are gay. Religious idiots everywhere have yet to comprehend this simple fact.

“Even though we are said to be secular by our constitution, Nigerians are very religious people,” Lawan stated. “Both Muslims and Christians are opposed to same-sex marriage.” Correction: SOME Christians. Not all. Of course, by that statement, Lawan is saying he wants to shove religious values down the throats of the Nigerian people, not all of whom believe in Abrahamic faiths. Hopefully the Prohibition of Same-Sex Marriage bill is never signed into law, and LGBT Nigerians can live in peace.

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  1. The ignorance of people running these Muslim based countries is astounding. Not to mention once they start arresting and lashing or stoning their citizens that the international community with dump them and their investing in Nigeria like a hot potato, well except for China who could give a shit if these people eat each other, they just want oil and minerals because they are destroying their own country at a record pace. How can you be so stupid about human nature and be elected to represent anyone?

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