Your Daily Muslim: Ibrahim Haladu

Ibrahim Haladu and the injuries he caused to his 14-month-old daughter

Ibrahim Haladu and the injuries he caused to his 14-month-old daughter

Parenting doesn’t always come naturally. It sure didn’t for Nigerian Muslim Ibrahim Haladu, who felt he had better uses of his time than taking care of his 14-month-old daughter. The girl was the child of Haladu and his estranged second wife. Haladu was watching Islamic television one afternoon when the infant girl wouldn’t stop crying. Not one to be distracted from television that would no doubt end up on MEMRI days later, Haladu took matters into his own hands to silence the screaming child.

Instead of gently rocking the infant, singing to her, or feeding her, what did Haladu think was the best way to quiet her? Whipping her with a cellphone charger, of course, since that’s what any reasonable person would do. His first wife heard the child’s screaming during the beating and rushed in to find her mad husband beating the helpless girl. Not fearing physical punishment as prescribed for wives in Qur. 4:34, Haladu’s wife yelled at him and stormed away, causing him to stop torturing the infant.

When Haladu returned the girl to her mother, it became clear something wasn’t right. The girl’s mother saw the lacerations across her daughter’s back, and turned Haladu in to the Bauchi State sharia court. In front of the court, Haladu tried to explain himself: “I was watching an Arab channel but she would not let me be with her cries. I was enjoying the program, but her cries kept distracting me. I was provoked so I brought out my charger phone wire and flogged her. My first wife, Aisha, who heard her cries came out and was shouting at me to stop. She was even angry and rebuked me for beating her like that. I regret my action. The marks on my daughter’s body is not for ritual purposes as wrongly insinuated by some people. I can never use my child for ritual. It is unfortunate that my wife had to drag me to the Sharia Commission because she has a grouse against me. We have been having problems with her, but that is between us. Why should I go to the extent of using my child for ritual? I only beat her as a father. I don’t belong to any cult or secret society.” You belong to a cult, Haladu – you’re a Muslim. Haladu is facing civil penalties for child abuse.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ibrahim Haladu

  1. Sick prick…..500 lashes with burnt bacon strips/day/life…………………rot in hell….!

  2. This is wht Islam & its followers are so fucked up. From the cradle onward all they learn is violence. Send the child over her, so she can be raised in a proper, loving Christian home.

  3. ……see what 1400 years of inbreeding does?…………… he even LOOKS like a retard…………geneticists have proven that more than 60% of the muslim population is SO INBRED that they average 15 – 20 IQ points lower than other populations and suffer from hugely disproportionate incidences of mental illness. (In Somalia, some experts estimate that more than 50% of the population meet the clinical definition of mentally ill/retarded……………. just ponder that for a second.) And, lucky America!…………. this is the ethnic group that O’Bummer has chosen to import into the US in huge numbers…………. kinda leaves you speechless, doesn’t it………

    It won’t be long now ’till they can actually start breeding “back down the line”………. might be time to issue a general alert to protect our nearest primate relatives.

    This animal is obviously functioning both MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY at an age not much greater than his daughter. When we, as civilized, compassionate human beings encounter a rabid animal, there is no moral dilemma about what needs to be done. We don’t pretend that we can cure or punish rabid animals…………….we do the humane thing and put them out of their misery and us out of danger.


  5. What is interesting to me, is he’s more upset about being in front of a sharia court than the civil charges against him – which I’m assuming might lead to jail or prison time. He feels shame that his wife (his bad wife) took him to sharia court and shamed him in front of the other men in the community. He feels nothing about beating a scarring a baby for life. If the child’s wounds are being described as “ritual” you know that poor baby was just mutilated with an electric wire. What an animal. If there was even one real man on that sharia court they would have kicked his dirty ass until he was unconscious. Every story here makes me more alarmed about living among people who believe this shit.

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