Your Daily Muslim: James Dunleavy

James Dunleavy

James Dunleavy

Welcome to YDM’s Converts Week! This week, I’ll be covering stories of people who made the mistake of converting to Islam, or “reverting” as they call it since Muslims believe every soul is born Muslim. Let’s dive on in!

It’s a well-known fact that the Irish are drunkards. Convert an Irishman to Islam, which forbids drinking, and the results are grisly. That’s what happened in the case of 40-year-old James Dunleavy, who had spent years searching for spiritual truth bouncing from one religion to the next. When his friend Mohammed Razaq helped introduce him to Islam, Dunleavy studied the religion and accepted it as his own. However, with his newfound faith came a new and wildly different set of values which didn’t go over so well with his divorced mother.

Dunleavy and his mother got into an argument over the fact that she was divorced and had started seeing another man, which he viewed as a form of adultery. She wasn’t having any of it, so Dunleavy decided to preserve his family’s honor the Islamic way. He strangled the 66-year-old, then cut off her feet and attempted to behead her. He dumped her body parts along a nearby trail.

Before the murder, Dunleavy told his friend Razaq that he had been “hearing voices.” That’s not much of a stretch for people with delusions of invisible psychopaths in the sky. Razaq probably believed they were Jinns, evil poop-eating spirits that can allegedly possess humans. Dunleavy also said to Razaq, “I might be evil.” Uhh, no hit you’re evil, you’re a pedophile-worshipper who thinks your mother’s a bad person for wanting her freedom! Dunleavy was found guilty of the crime on January 17. He is awaiting sentencing and is being held under observation.

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