Your Daily Muslim: Scott C. Fandrich

Scott C Fandrich

Scott C Fandrich

Apparently there’s a city named Vancouver in Washington state as well as one in British Columbia. That’s where Muslim convert Scott C. Fandrich decided to get his jihad on outside a Starbucks. Fandrich, 55, met with a 21-year-old Muslim friend of his at Starbucks to discuss Islam. A senior citizen approached the duo, and they discussed cars and religion – and possibly justifying blowing up cars with religion. However, the old man was a kafir (infidel), and Fandrich felt he needed to punish him before Allah.

After the man left, Fandrich followed him out into the parking lot. While the man’s back was turned, Fandrich stabbed him repeatedly. When a bystander tried to intervene, Fandrich slashed his leg. The old man nearly bled out in the parking lot, but medics were able to arrive in time and stabilize him. Of course, the young Muslim in the coffee shop claimed he wasn’t paying attention when all this was going on.

Fandrich had allegedly made multiple statements about his “willingness to die for Allah.” Wow, willing to die for something that isn’t even real… clearly the dude had nothing going for him. Probably yet another case of midlife-crisis conversion gone horribly awry, as conversion to Islam tends to.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Scott C. Fandrich

  1. What was he doing hanging out with someone 34 years his junior?

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