Your Daily Muslim: Aram Abdul-Razzaq Aziz & Joy Small

Aram Abdul-Razzaq Aziz and Joy Small

Aram Abdul-Razzaq Aziz and Joy Small

Love jihad: a term referring to when Muslims seduce non-Muslims, particularly Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs, to convert them to Islam. Such a fate befell 24-year-old British mother of two Joy Small, who fell for Muslim Aram Abdul-Razzaq Aziz, an Iraqi immigrant. After her conversion, Small became an avid campaigner for special treatment for Muslims. This was likely because she had grown sick of how most of her friends poked fun at her for the weirdo she had become. I mean, what kind of person wears a ninja costume on days other than Halloween?!

Like many other Muslims, Aziz followed Qur. 4:34, which sanctions wife-beating. Aziz had even poured gasoline on Small once during an argument. She had contacted police about the abuse and installed a panic button in her home, but felt she couldn’t leave the monster she had married. Aziz had made numerous threats against Small, and her remaining friends considered him to be an “abusive monster.” She finally gathered the courage to leave him, which only resulted in more death threats against both her and her children because she had left him. Divorce is highly frowned upon in Islam, and it is quite likely Small did not go through Islamic avenues to pursue the separation.

Somehow, Aziz managed to win her back, likely with phony promises that he had changed.

Shortly thereafter, the violence inevitably erupted again. Aziz killed Small and her two children before going to a park. There, he ended himself. Small’s story is truly tragic; she was just looking for love, and she when she thought she found it, she just ended up being taken advantage of and murdered by a seventh-century psychopath.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Aram Abdul-Razzaq Aziz & Joy Small

  1. If you are so desperate, and can’t find a normal man, at least have the decency to send your children away to somewhere safe. The abuse was terrible for some time, she’d gotten out, but these kind of men only want you back because they are shamed in their community when a wife leaves them. She was dead the minute she said I do, what makes this terrible is her poor children suffered because of her stupidity and died horribly because of her choices. If you are this desperate for a man, any ugly poor man, at least give up your children, don’t expose them to these sociopaths and their beliefs. Oh and don’t believe them, once they’ve abused you, you are fair game for eternity. They all lie, it’s part of their religion, you can’t trust a thing they say, it’s in their book.

  2. Destroy the roots of Islam once and for all!!!

  3. He was a fool for doing himself in. The British legal system would have ruled him to be a traumatised victim in need of psychiatric care. After a short time he would be rehabilitated into the community.

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