Your Daily Muslim: Ghazala Ditta

Ghazala Ditta

Ghazala Ditta

It’s my 25th birthday, so that’s why there’s a post on a Saturday. Enjoy!

UK Muslimah Ghazala Ditta (pronounced something like “guzzler ditz”) and four of her five sisters are a horde of rampaging, jealous bitches. One of Ghazala’s sisters, Nazma, wasn’t as unfortunate in terms of appearance as the rest of the family, and had managed to find someone. The family had one slight problem with the person Nazma chose – she was female.

Nazma’s devout Muslim family had been planning on marrying her off in an arranged marriage. Before you ask, yes, she was supposed to marry her own cousin. It’s surprising that Nazma, age 27, had not already been married off at half that age, as is common in Islam. When Ghazala found out about Nazma’s lesbian relationship, she flew into a violent rage instead of being understanding and supportive like a sister should be. She immediately recruited her braindead-looking hamplanet sister Atfah (picture below) as well as her sister Nighat and brother Tahmoor to help restore the family’s honor, which was somehow being violated through Nazma’s consensual relationship. Ghazala left a threatening voicemail for Nazma, calling her a “selfish stupid bitch” and saying “just wait ’til I get a hold of you.”

Atfah Ditta the hamplanet

Atfah Ditta the hamplanet

Ghazala, Nighat, Tahmoor, and ninja-costume-clad Atfah descended upon Nazma’s girlfriend, Sarah, as she left work in Blackburn, Lancashire. Tahmoor brought a metal rod, a Magic Muslim Peace Wand™, with which he delivered the peace of Islam unto the frightened Sarah’s body. The female Muslims used typical female fighting techniques like shin-kicking and hair-pulling. The Muslims tried to force Sarah into their car and also stole her handbag during the attack. One of the Muslims said, “You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims. We’re going to kill you.” Luckily for Sarah, the attack occurred in public, in broad daylight, and she managed to get away. She and Nazma have had to relocate due to the potential for future violence from Nazma’s family.

Ghazala and her violent kin were sentenced to five to six years each, despite their lawyer’s argument that they did it out of a misguided love for their sister. That sounds like a flavor of the leftist political-correctness “cultural differences” crap often used to get guilty Muslims off the hook.

14 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ghazala Ditta

  1. Atfah Ditta has to be the butt ugliest mooslima that has appeared on you site to date. As a rule, I despise the burka, but in this case it would have saved me from having nightmares.

  2. Not Related…………………………….

    But “Happy Birthday”……

    You may post this link elsewhere…………….

    We all should watch…..!!!!

    Link: http://www.cbn.com/tv/embedplayer.aspx?bcid=1509282970001

  3. happy birthday!

    but even if it wasn’t your birthday there is/was another occasion that had justified a weekend post… If you think of Chinese New Year you’re wrong. it’s more this one here: http://worldhijabday.com/

    And this day comes pretty close after the follwoing had happened: [http://www.torontosun.com/2014/01/30/woman-dies-after-scarf-hair-get-tangled-in-montreal-escalator]

  4. So it’s World Hijab Day today. Well, yippee! I vote we all wear see-through plastic (or something) “hijab”–or shrouds for the dead, as I like to call them, over our undies or bikinis or one-piece bathing suits–both men and women, so we can show the world how stinkin’ stupid this whole shroud behavior is. Too bad it’s in February, tho, brrrrrrr!

  5. Happy birthday. Brilliant work.

  6. What’s a little hysterical about all these Muslim’s committing crimes in the west and being sentence to jail, is that 99.9999% of any meat served to them is going to be pork, or pork products. So even if they choose to eat the Jewish meal plan in jail (lol) or vegetarian, it’s all cooked with pork lard. I don’t think knowing that would stop even one of them from committing crimes but they should know that they will never go to heaven if they have spent even 24 hours in a jail, pork eating swine. They don’t make their women wear tents & masks for nothing! Covers a multitude of sins.

  7. […] Ghazala Ditta – UK Muslimah whose sister, Nazma, was betrothed to her own cousin in an arranged marriage. When Ghazala found out Nazma was actually a lesbian who had a girlfriend, she and her other siblings assaulted Nazma’s girlfriend with a crowbar and threatened to kill her, saying “You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.” […]

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