Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Farooq (Daily Triple 2 of 3)

Hassan Farooq

Hassan Farooq

UK Muslim Hassan Farooq, who is of Pakistani background, calls himself a “moderate Muslim.” However, as well all know, those are needles in a haystack – Farooq isn’t one. He was recently invited to speak at a Holocaust memorial. It is unknown how his speech went, but what is known is that this Muslim is a major Hitler fanboy. Here are some screenshots from his Twitter and Facebook where he openly expressed his anti-Semitic and/or pro-Hitler views:






Farooq is also the founder of a group called the “Halal Marriage Committee.” In Islam, the marriage of children is legal, such as the marriage of Aisha to Muhammad (pigs be upon him) when she was 6. It is unknown whether or not Farooq is involved in child marriages, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility. He is also a member of the Newham Dawah Team, an Islamic evangelism group based in east London. Here’s what he had to say about the west, the values we hold, peaceful Sufi Muslims, and some deceased people who are widely respected here:







Muslims aren’t allowed to pray for non-Muslims, nor are they allowed to partake in their celebrations or wish them a peaceful passing. That definitely fits into the mindset of religious tolerance every idiotic liberal believes Islam has. Farooq, if you don’t like our society so much, then the the f out. We in the west respect women, Jews, and the democratic process. Entrusting your nation’s legislation to Allah will result in non-productivity – your invisible psychopath friend named Allah is only in your mind.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Farooq (Daily Triple 2 of 3)

  1. British politicians appear to be totally ignorant of the duplicity of muslims such as Farooq. In terms of knowledge and awareness they are light years behind the British public. Radicals are exploiting freedoms and speech to churn out their hate and threats without fear of any action by the law enforcers. Politicians and the legal system are colluding to protect Islamic zealots and criminalise its opponents.

    • A key issue and very well put. But if it was only the politicians, then even they would be persuaded by the public to effect change (or at least I hope so). But even more significant is ignorance and/or apathy (possibly heightened by their fear of the followers – and their supporters – of this alien ideology) by the British people. That is the British people who naively (but understandably) swallow the misleading information pumped out at them by all the “news” organisations. The only way in which the war initiated by muslims against non-muslims can begin to be won is by revealing the true nature of islam to non-muslims in the UK and abroad . That is our absolute moral responsibility.

    • And the left-wingers in the general populace enable them, keeping their heads in the sand about the true Islamic threat.

  2. Hi tamimisledus. I don’t think British citizens are naïve The mainstream media doesn’t have the corrupting power it once held. Increasingly, people get their info and knowledge from the web or from their own personal experiences. Despite being ignored or demonised by the traditional media the English Defence League has been one of the main influencing forces against Islam in recent years. Its been the vehicle of protest for many thousands of people. UK politicians are held in contempt, being seen as untrustworthy and corrupt and with very little support.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    Congratulations on plagiarizing content. Your website spreads anti-Muslim racism and fails note that Hassan Farooq’s hateful, disgusting views do not represent those of the vast majority of moderate, tolerant British Muslims in the UK.
    Best wishes,

    Colin C. Cortbus
    Freelance journalist and one of the people who researched this story (writing in a personal capacity)

    • Keep kissing Muslim ass, dhimmi Mr. Shortbus. Also, Muslim is NOT a race, therefore your accusation of racism is intellectually disingenuous.

    • These comments are entirely my own, and so cannot be taken to stand for the views of the author of this blog.

      I am assuming that your comments have as background the “Stand for Peace” article which bears your name as a byline. For simplicity I refer to this as “your article”.

      You complain of plagiarism.
      Apart from some tweets, there is little on this blog and also on your article that is not a matter of public record. You cannot claim plagiarism for this, as it is not original.
      Tweets can easily be found by searching on Twitter. Such research does not need great resources and the result is not original, so does not merit protection from plagiarism. Furthermore, public tweets are just that, public, not yours so you cannot claim plagiarism here.
      There are some tweets on this blog that you did not publish.
      Only a small part of this blog is common to your article, mostly a matter of public record. Indeed, this blog mostly consists of some detailed analysis (apart from above mentioned tweets) which did not appear at all in your article.
      You also seem to be complaining that this website “spreads anti-muslim racism” of which you seemingly disapprove. How can it be that this blog has committed plagiarism and yet justify such a conclusion? This was not the conclusion of you made in your article.
      All in all, your claims of plagiarism are tenuous at best.
      Or maybe it is that, because you “published first”, you believe (falsely) that you have exclusive rights to publish on the subject of this blog.
      Or is it an ad hominem ploy as an unsuccessful attempt to diminish the actual argument in the blog without having to provide any genuine refutation of its content.
      Or even, is it that you perceive that the accusation of plagiarism will ensure that noone can publish an interpretation of which you disapprove.
      Or, as appears in some other “reports” of yours, is it just one more smear in an ongoing campaign to shut down legitimate debate.

      It is not the responsibility of this blog to report on how representative of the views of muslims are the views of Hassan Farooq.
      Strangely enough your article fails to note the conclusion you draw here. What should we read into that then?

      You assert that the views (in total or in part, and not specified) of Farooq Hassan are not widespread amongst “moderate muslims”. Where is the research to prove your assertion?

      As far as I can see, this website provides the truth, in good faith, about a number of the followers of islam. I won’t (because I can’t know them for sure) comment on the reasons why you infer that this is tantamount to muslim racism, whatever that may mean. Perhaps you could enlighten us on the evidence and reasoning (if any) you used in coming to this conclusion.

      You sign off with “Best Wishes”. Are we expected to believe you have nothing but good feelings for the site you find so obviously distasteful?
      Because as I see it, “Best Wishes” implies nothing more than that this site should continue to reveal the true nature of the followers of islam, and the true nature of the evil which is at the heart of islam. a project to which you seem totally opposed. Is that what you really want?

      Finally, nothing of what you have written casts any further light on the issues raised, and what you have written would likely be of minimal interest to anyone who might visit this site for the purposes for which it is intended. So, if you don’t like what you see, there is no reason for you to come back.

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