Your Daily Muslim: Fazlul Haque

Fazlul Haque showing off his abysmal oral hygiene

Fazlul Haque showing off his abysmal oral hygiene

Shame. A concept that is the equivalent of social death in Islamic communities. Bangladeshi imam Fazlul Haque used shame as a very potent weapon. His victim of choice? A 13-year-old girl who had been taken advantage of by a local young man named Rezaul Islam.

The girl had been seeing the 19-year-old Islam in what was initially a consensual capacity. He had led her to believe that he was planning to marry her, a promise he had no intention of keeping. At her age in an Islamic society, she was probably feeling unwanted since she had not been married off yet and may have even begun preparing for many years as a cat lady. Islam, however, ended up impregnating the girl and didn’t follow through on his plans to marry her. Many months later, when the girl’s baby bump could no longer be effectively concealed beneath the traditional Islamic ninja costume, her family reported the case of “illicit relations” through “deception” to local police. When Haque heard of the case being filed against a fellow male, he immediately jumped to the molester’s defense.

The locals did not take any action against Islam, despite the fact that he had been putting his pole in significantly underage hole. In fact, locals took action against the girl and her family – because Haque told them to. He issued a fatwa (Islamic edict) that everyone in the village should avoid the girl and her family, since he claimed the rape charges the family was filing were false. It is also quite likely he thought the girl had brought “shame” upon the family because she was manipulated and taken advantage of, and made no condemnation of Islam’s predatory actions. Apparently Haque is cool with 13-year-old girls being taken advantage of. “The family did not disclose details of the rape to the villagers when it happened,” Haque said. “They lodged the case when the girl’s pregnancy reached an advanced stage, which was not possible to hide, and put the blame on Rezaul [Islam.]”

The girl desperately tried to convince Islam to marry her. He had demanded an unrealistic dowry to marry her, and when she persisted, his family members hit her. Did Haque condemn the assault? Nope. Since Islam was created by and for sexist men, women are often victimized and find no methods of recourse. Thankfully, local police realized Haque was a terrible person because of his fatwa. They raided the village and hauled him off in handcuffs.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Fazlul Haque

  1. Holy shit! Reason, logic, & evidence won out over 7th Century bullshyte & the crazy ranting of an illiterate pedophile.

  2. I’m so sick of these disgusting egocentric mooslim cowpies! Do they ever take a look at themselves? No! Do a little soul-searching? No! Not in their religion! Uck! Self righteous pigs!

  3. […] “In India, if you have sex with a person with consent, it’s fine,” Azmi stated. “But if that same person complains, it’s a problem. [No shit, Sherlock! Rape is always a problem.] Nowadays, we see a lot of such cases. Girls complain when someone touches them, and even when someone doesn’t touch them. It becomes a problem then, and the man’s honor is ruined in this. If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam.” The definition of rape implies non-consensual or coercive activity. As for the man’s honor – what about the woman’s? Female rape victims are shamed in Islamic societies (when they aren’t tried for adultery), often to the point of suicide and communal exclusion. […]

  4. […] In other words, Bangladeshi Islamic scholar/politician Fazlul Haque Amini (not to be confused with Fazlul Haque), didn’t give the world anything of worth before his passing in 2012. However he tried his […]

  5. […] In other words, Bangladeshi Islamic scholar/politician Fazlul Haque Amini (not to be confused with Fazlul Haque), didn’t give the world anything of worth before his passing in 2012. However he tried his […]

  6. A good, though not fully just, ending. Go for the promoters of this raunchy behavior. Let it be known that it will not be tolerated. Why is a fascist, barbaric, human rights trampling ideology beyond reproach because it is labeled a religion? The Koran is an instruction manual for all the most heneous crimes against humanity. There is nothing moral or enlightening about it. I’ll believe in a moderate Islam when moderate muslims rewrite the doctrine to exclude world domination, extortion, rape, and murder. It’s not going out on a limb to say the Nazis are unacceptible, or the KKK is immoral, or American slavery was wrong. But no one is going to tell me I’m being intolerant if I speak out about these things. Islam is what it says it is. I’m not promoting persecution of muslims, just for people’s right to not approve. The muslim people get Islam crammed down their throats from day one. They are victims of this fear mongering, wacko cult. They need to hear the rest of the world say – “hey, it’s okay if you don’t believe that. We’ll back you up. It’s disingenuous to fudge, saying “well, geeze, I don’t know, it’s a religion so I don’t want to be rude.” No, f it: Islam is wrong, read the book.

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