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Your Daily Muslim: Nawal Msaad

Nawal Msaad about to enjoy a face full of tits

Nawal Msaad probably about to get a face full of tits

UK Muslimah Nawal Msaad’s panties were in a bunch. Why? Because of the tightly-packed €20,000 believed to be for Syrian mujahideen hidden therein. Funneling money should be easy thanks to PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. Then again, what mujahideen lack in intelligence they make up for in brazenness. I have no idea how Msaad thought she wouldn’t get caught in this post-9/11 world, but apparently she thought it was worth risking her future to pass pocket change to jihadists, according to the accusations against her.

Along with her believed co-conspirator, Amal Elwahabi, Msaad tried to get through a terminal at Heathrow airport when she caught the attention of security employees. Msaad was trying to board a flight to Turkey when she was detained. Upon searching her, the €20,000 was discovered. Security officials were probably shocked to not find a bomb on either one of the Muslimahs.

Msaad was acquitted in August 2014. There wasn’t that much hard evidence against her, but the circumstantial evidence did paint a very damning portrait. Elwahabi was convicted.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Nawal Msaad

  1. Hi all be aware that Falzul Haque has made up and fabricated this story. No such confession has been made, and trial will decide Whether guilty or not.Shame on you Falzul jumping on the bandwagan and fueling the british witch hunt on ordinary muslim britons. Anything for a story eh? Get a job your good at and stop trying to make a dime from other people misfortunes that you dont have all facts about.

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