Your Daily Muslim: Saamer Akhshabi

Saamer Akhshabi

Saamer Akhshabi

Iranian Muslim Saamer Akhshabi was just like any other Georgia Tech grad student studying computer networking – except for the Molotov cocktail-esque device in his apartment and the materials to make more. Unfortunately for this wannabe jihadi, his plan erupted right before (and into) his eyes.

When Akhshabi was messing with his would-be weapons, one of them caught fire. Akhshabi’s body was then engulfed in flames, as some kerosene had poured onto his clothing. It is unknown how he survived, but it is estimated that 90% of his body was burned. His apartment building had to be evacuated. It’s a shame he ended up engaging in less-than-noble activities that got him where he is, because he’s actually pretty smart. However, he’s not smart enough to reject the obvious fiction that is the Qur’an, or realize that Obamacare (which he was a big supporter of) will actually harm both the economy and the medical field. Then again, he apparently isn’t such a big fan of America, so I guess his support of Obamacare makes sense in that light…

10 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Saamer Akhshabi

  1. Sorry, but you fell for news sound bites.

    Saamer was a buddy of mine. From what I hear from friends, he essentially committed a suicide. It’s very hard to burn 90% of your body by accident. More likely he doused himself with gasoline šŸ˜¦

    He wasn’t practicing muslim, far from it.

  2. Absolute rubbish. He wasn’t practicing Islam or any other religion.

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  4. First “suicide by Molotov cocktail” I’ve ever heard of. And he was so smart he made spares to use on subsequent attempts. Seems to me a rope or a bottle of pills would’ve been more effective, with a much shorter grocery list. Suicide?? Um, someone’s head is in the middle eastern desert sand…

  5. Looks like the. Kid might have tried to commit suicide. I know many of these exchange students and they don’t want anything more than the opportunity for a good life and freedom. This isn’t brainwashes/ignorant Al queda types who are radicalized and who reject reason. Iran has a huge community in the US and they are extremely successful people, very well educated and not a strain to our society by any means. To those who paint all Muslims in the same light I will ask you a simple question….any of u watch the movie lone survivor? Marcus Luttrell owes his life to a man..a Muslim who risked his life to not allow the Taliban kill our navy seal soldier. These Muslims exist far more than we give them credit for. It’s a shame

  6. Feel sorry for you and your species, obviously you and all the radical islamists and other hardliners are all the same, and world without this group ( including your type) could be a better place!

    You are ignorant person who can not realize this is not enough evidence when someone came from middle east ( specially Iran without any BG of terrorist act by ordinary people, not government )

    About saamer and just for your information. When he was 18, he attended in university entrance exam of Iran and achieve grade below 100 among 700,000 people to enter tehean university….

    Same god will judge all of us soon

  7. He wasn’t a practicing Muslim, huh? Perhaps not. He wouldn’t be the first puddle of scum to take advantage of our (relative) freedoms yet still harbor a grudge. Suicide? What did he do, break the glass over his head? Nope, sorry. He was aiming to throw those bottles on someone or something. Anybody here from the Tech community had better remember that YOU were nearest to hand. You would have been shocked… SHOCKED! That is, if you were alive to be anything. He’s dead now, good riddance.

  8. RIP man,he was a nice guy,I am deeply sorry for the tragic loss of saamer.
    if u want to read the true story plz go to this link http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~dovrolis/saamer.html

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