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Your Daily Muslim: Sidi Ould Sidna

Is that a bag under his eye, or a wart?

Is that a bag under his eye, or a wart?

Welcome to the Mauri show! This week, all the Muslims on here will be from either Mauritania or Mauritius!

December 24, 2007. Five French tourists were having a picnic in Aleg, Mauritania. They had no idea that for all but one of them, it would be their last meal.

Sidi Ould Sidna, a Mauritanian Muslim, approached the group, armed with his Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™ and ready to send some people to see Allah. He had longed for this moment for years and was just itching to see his training with al Qaeda pay off. He opened fire, killing four and wounding the fifth, because that’s something that followers of the religion of peace do. He fled the scene and ditched his Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™ nearby. Authorities used it as well as other leads to determine Sidna’s involvement. They tracked him and other potential terrorists to a nearby house.

Of course, the Muslims all wanted their 72 virgins, so a massive gunfight between the mujahideen and police ensued. A car full of Muslims drove away during the shootout. One officer and one jihadi lost their lives. Sidna was inside the car, bleeding profusely from multiple bullet wounds. Police tracked the car down and took Sidna into custody. The following night, police conducted another raid against suspected associates of Sidna. They kicked down the door of the residence and found… no Muslims. However, plenty of Islamic contraptions were left behind; the scene was described as a “fully operational bomb factory.”

Sidna managed to escape from a courthouse in late March 2008. He was tracked down a week or so later, and hasn’t managed to elude custody since.

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