Your Daily Muslim: Aaron Yoon

A high school picture of Aaron Yoon

A high school picture of Aaron Yoon

Korean-Canadian Aaron Yoon didn’t seem like the type to ever be charged with a terror-related offense. The teen had a close group of friends, and was raised Catholic. However, that all changed when one of his friends reached out to him about Islam. Soon, Yoon had started avoiding homework (dispelling racial stereotypes in the process) and instead spent his time studying the 7th-century child porn fairytale known as the Qur’an. Little did he know, he would soon end up inside a Mauritanian prison cell.

In 2007, Yoon and two of his Muslim friends rented a condo together. Cue the obvious #gayporn4muhammad reference. However, the trio was evicted due to noise issues as well as damage they were causing to the property. Apparently worshiping an invisible psychopath causes people to act out violently; who’da thunk it?!

In 2010, Yoon traveled to Mauritania to allegedly study the Qur’an and learn Arabic. His BFFs soon joined him. However, Mauritian authorities discovered he was linked to a terror group in 2011 and split the trio up indefinitely. While in prison, Yoon was tortured repeatedly. Eventually, he confessed that his intent was to join al Qaeda in nearby Mali. His friends took part in Mokhtar Belmokhtar‘s Algerian gas plant terror attack, and were both killed. Regardless, Yoon was released early and was deported back to Canada, where he did not face any charges. He is currently attending a mosque, where even mosque leaders are vouching for his innocence. I highly doubt he is innocent. Why would he travel overseas, meet up with two jihadists, and get arrested on unrelated evidence of being in a terror group if he were actually innocent?! There may not have been enough evidence to convict Yoon under Canadian law, but the court of public opinion has a different verdict.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Aaron Yoon

  1. Like he’s not going to try to jihad again… Oh Canada, trusting Canada… Instead of going to school, finding a trade he’s whinging down at a mosque about being tortured because your roomies blew themselves up and you got caught and had a consequence. Instead of admitting it and considering yourself the luckiest little Muzzie in the Americas he’s still lying about why he went to another country to commit terrorist acts.

  2. Oh, too bad that this scumbag wasn’t sent to hell to keep muhammad company while in mauritania.

    Lets just raise money to buy him a one way ticked to syria and deliver him to assad’s soldiers so they can dispose of this piece of trash.

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