Your Daily Muslim: Fadlur Rahman

Fadlur Rahman wishing he had a real gun

Fadlur Rahman wishing he had a real gun

Notorious Islamist organization Hizb-ut-Tahrir has made its way to the island nation of Mauritius. Contrary to popular belief, Mauritius is not a popular name for boys among any demographic. Fadlur Rahman is the leader of the Mauritian chapter of Hizb-ut-Tahrir. When Innocence of Muslims was released, so was Rahman’s innate Islamic instinct to make a fuss.

Rahman organized a protest against the film through the streets of Port Louis, Mauritius, a city you’ve probably never heard of and will probably never hear of again. Around fifty people showed up to the pint-sized picket. He claims that “the west has an appetite to insult Islam and our symbol, the prophet [Muhammad, pigs be upon him.]” He also said that the video was a method for the west to attack Islam – “The film was made to provoke the Muslims.” I’m pretty sure the Muslims provoked themselves on this one… as for the film being anti-Islamic: no shit, Sherlock! That’s the thing in the west; we have freedom of expression. Even if your imaginary friend doesn’t approve, we can still say what we want and criticize those who deserve it.

Speaking of freedom of expression, that was the next thing Rahman addressed. He claimed there was a “global hypocrisy” surrounding the film’s reception. “Where are the supporters of freedom of expression?!” Rahman asked, referring to people who criticized Muslims’ reactions to the film. It is worth noting that hundreds of Muslims in various protests across the globe became violent, allegedly because of a crappy YouTube video, which says a lot about Muslims. I doubt western supporters of freedom of expression are OK with rampant violence from unhinged seventh-century fanatics.

Rahman sent a letter to the US Embassy in Mauritius asking for the video to be censored from the internet. It is likely his letter was (correctly) deemed unworthy of response.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Fadlur Rahman

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  2. 99% of the people protesting that movie never saw it, these people are like children spreading gossip, and reacting to things that they have no personal knowledge of and yet they are so offended they want to cut off people’s heads. Absolute loons.

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