Your Daily Muslim: Othman Mohammad Daud

Othman Mohammad Daud

Othman Mohammad Daud

As the world learned from the story of Malala Yousafzai, education frightens Muslims. This is not without good reason, as any mind equipped with the ability to reason can quickly determine that Islam is a pile of fiction invented by horny perverts from the 7th century. Brunei Muslim Othman Mohammad Daud shares this phobia. An employee at the nation’s Ministry of Education, Daud is actively trying to ensure that better ideas than his religion don’t enter into school curricula.

Recently, private education institutions in Brunei were warned that they would face steep fines or imprisonment if any religion other than Islam were taught to a Muslim or atheist. Brunei, while governed under sharia law, is not as extreme as other countries (yet.) They’re working on it, though – among their soon-to-be-enacted laws include bills that allow amputation as punishment for theft as well as the death penalty for more serious crimes, like cheating on your husband. Daud said the new law would “ensure the prosperity, well-being, peace and solidarity” of the people of Brunei. Because nothing says prosperity, well-being, peace, and solidarity like severed hands and censorship.

Daud also criticized globalization, saying the new sharia regulations would help against the “rapid development of a borderless world.” Apparently those living in Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam; the Islamic world) don’t take too kindly to cultural encroachment into their anachronistic, savage territories. Unfortunately for the Muslims, the rest of the world will continue to laugh at how backward they still remain.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Othman Mohammad Daud

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  2. The only globalization that Muslims want is globalization under the banner of Islam. This assumption makes perfect sense because Islamic is a supremacist religion, just like white supremacy in its various forms.

  3. I think these idiots know if you compare any religion to Islam it’s easy to see how stunningly idiotic Islam is and how the only way it works is by teaching only Islam to the illiterate. If you teach every religion what sane people would welcome Islam, with it’s pedophilia, hatred of women, conversion by for including death. And the long list of sexual do’s and don’ts that obsessed the prophet, including stinky fingers and wiping your sperm on walls after you were done with teh sexy times. What a gross people. I can’t even imagine going into one of their homes after reading about that crap.

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