Your Daily Muslim: Abu Umar

Abu Umar and the Mujahideen of Bulgaristan

Abu Umar and the Mujahideen of Bulgaristan

The Mujahideen of Bulgaristan are a Bulgarian/Russian jihadist group with a real hatred of Elton John. They hate him not because of his music, but because he is, as they put it, a “sodomite.” A Muslim using the kunya (assumed name) of Abu Umar is a “messenger” of the Mujahideen of Bulgaristan, and he issued a statement about John’s upcoming concert in Bulgaria. Of course, like any other statement from the religion of peace about gays, it sure wasn’t peaceful.

Elton John & Paul McCartney, who are probably both too old to not sound like dying frogs when they sing, are set to kick off their tour in Bulgaria on May 17, 2014. When Umar and his jihadi buddies got wind of this, they knew they had to act quickly to prevent the lemonparty (don’t google this) from descending upon Bulgaria. The Mujahideen contacted local imams, who warned their congregations of the upcoming concert. Umar then posted a letter online with thinly-veiled threats against the concert. Of course, the letter rambled on about the usual Islamic subjects, such as Muhammad (pigs be upon him) and demanding the release of justly-imprisoned jihadists. Now, here’s where the fun (read: threat) begins: “If the sodomite Elton dares to appear on the territory of the Emirate, maybe you will encounter some surprises. Meanwhile, in Kazan [Russia], the imams of the Zakabannaya mosque gather daily to condemn the British sodomite Elton John and voice their concerns and warnings if he shows up in the capital of Tatarstan. According to the Russian Rosbalt news agency, during Friday prayers, imam Saidzhagfar Lutfullin urged to cancel the visit of Elton John to Kazan. According to the imam, Elton John is going to call publicly for freedom of sodomy in Tatarstan and will support local pederasts.”

How is allowing gay sex going to enable pedophiles?! I still can’t believe there are idiots out there who conflate homosexuality with pedophilia. And of course, the Muslims mentioned the concert-goers would “encounter some surprises.” Maybe by that, they just mean they’re gonna set up a Dawah booth outside the entrance… *eyeroll* Hopefully the threat is nothing but talk, and the concert happens without any issues.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abu Umar

  1. “Elton John & Paul McCartney, who are probably both too old to not sound like dying frogs when they sing,”
    I now can’t stop laughing.

    as for “lemonparty”: wehn I searched for it, I found the wikipedia entry “shock site” where a description of lemon party among other websites ist. So it may be safe to search for it

  2. Islam is the biggest enabler of pedophilia and other abhorrent sexual behaviors (like incest, polygamy and rape), its bigger than anything else, including the gay ‘movement’. After all, ‘peaceful’ islam (cursed be the demon allah and muhammad) allows sodomy in order to expand the asshole to put explosives in and carry out suicide attacks.

    This braindead muslim hypocrite says this because elton jonh is not a muslim.

  3. Considering they worship a man who raped a 6 year old and since he was illiterate told people it was okay to sodomize babies, actual infants they have a lot of nerve. Well I’m sure all this talk of a gay singer had them blowing each other night and day in anticipation. That and holding up a candle singing blowing in the wind batting their eyes at each other at Elton’s concert.

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