Your Daily Muslim: Krenar Lusha

Krenar Lusha

Krenar Lusha

Albanian Muslim Krenar Lusha didn’t want to remain around his fellow ass-lifters in majority-Muslim Albania. He wanted to mingle with the kuffar (infidels)… before blowing them up. To accomplish his mission, he illegally entered the UK and began plotting his jihad. Despite his lack of documentation, he managed to find a bank that was stupid enough to not perform a background check. The bank was likely full of leftists who think that running a background check on a Muslim, regardless of said Muslim’s ethnic background, is racist. The Natwest bank gave him a 100% mortgage to buy a £93,000 home in Derby. That home would be his base of operations.

Lusha, unlike many other Muslim immigrants, actually decided to get a job in the UK. However, despite his involvement in British society, he still just wanted to watch it burn. He stored bomb-making materials and manuals in his house, as well as numerous jihad-related videos. Among those videos were beheadings, bombings, and all sorts of other totally peaceful Islamic activities. Police managed to get onto Lusha’s trail after he bragged to numerous women on dating sites (dating is generally regarded as haram in Islam) that he was a “terrorist” and a “sniper.” He also claimed he “loved” to see “Jews and Americans get killed.” Yep, definitely a religion of peace right there.

Inside Lusha’s apartment, 71.8 gallons of fuel were found next to Hezbollah terror manuals. A suicide belt was also discovered, along with land mine preparatory materials and 4.5 pounds of potassium nitrate. Lusha had 14 cellphones in his apartment, which would probably have been used for remote detonation. Books titled “The Car Bomb Recognition Guide,” “Middle Eastern Terrorist Bomb Design,” “Improvised Radio Detonation Techniques,” and “The Mujahideen Explosives Handbook” were also found. Considering the heap of trouble he’s in, he probably should’ve stuck to reading the 7th-century child-porn fairytale known as the Qur’an.

Lusha was sentenced to seven years behind bars and will be deported back to his native Albania to face additional charges after serving his time in the UK.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Krenar Lusha

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  2. And Albania is the country that the British and Americans recently helped to annex ‘Kosovo’ while destroying Yugoslavia and killing or persecuting our former war allies, the Serbs.

    This is one of the many thank-yous you can always expect from Islam and Muslims.

  3. 7 years is all this guy got, he could have killed thousands! Once you get them they must die in prison or they just come back worse, and next time he won’t wait around hoping to get laid before he dies, he will have had plenty of that in prison. Jeez. Who dreams up these sentences?

  4. come on people understand the guy he cant have sex, beer or fun

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