Your Daily Muslim: Abdeslam Laarusi

Abdeslam Laarusi biting his lip upon seeing a little girl

Abdeslam Laarusi biting his lip upon seeing a little girl

Abdeslam Laarusi, a Moroccan-born imam at the Badr Masjid in Terrassa, Spain, does not belong in the 21st century. The primitive fails to comprehend the concept of women’s rights – he thinks that, because a 7th-century book of child porn advocates wife-beating, that it’s OK. Laarusi was so steadfast in his belief that he told his congregation all about it – then he instructed them how to do the same.

Laarusi told his followers to use “fists and sticks on various parts of the body to avoid breaking bones or drawing blood.” Normally, evidence of abuse against Muslimahs is concealed underneath the traditional Islamic ninja costume they wear. However, sometimes the abuse comes to light when they visit the doctor, so Laarusi wanted to ensure none of his followers got in trouble with the law for behaving like the seventh-century savages they are. Police who investigated Laarusi’s mosque also discovered he had told his congregation how to isolate and shame their wives in their own homes, and when to avoid having sex with them. Despite all the evidence against the lie that Islam respects women, leftists and Muslims still claim that us counterjihadists are wrong. Look at Laarusi’s statement, then tell me that he, an educated scholar and cleric of Islam, respects women.

Laarusi is married with five children. His wife did not discuss with police the extent to which she had been abused.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdeslam Laarusi

  1. His wife is probably his first cousin forced to marrying him because no one else wanted the abusing weirdo who hides his violence behind religion. What kind of people would sit and listen to this shit at a church service? Why don’t the decent ones get up and walk out, demanding someone sane to lead their services? That’s what I don’t get, the ones that aren’t lunatics do nothing to rid their mosques of these vermin, when they can simply go to another mosque that doesn’t advocate violence against women. If no one shows up to services because he’s a violent idiot, he’d have to be replaced so the general muslims do have a voice if they’d choose to exercise it, which leads me to believe that most of them are just like this man – wife beating, daughter beating maniacs.

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