Your Daily Muslim: Tarek Hassani

Tarek Hassani executing Hooch.

Tarek Hassani executing Hooch.

This piece contains a graphic video. Reader discretion is advised.

Dogs are viewed as nejis (ritually unclean) in Islam. When two dogs, one of which was a service animal, vociferously greeted Idaho Muslim police officer Tarek Hassani when he was responding to a call, the result was deadly.

The dogs did not seem to be attacking Hassani; rather, they just jumped around him like excited pets. They barked, but weren’t particularly imposing. Hassani kicked one (he will need to perform ritual ablutions to cleanse himself after having touched the animal), then pulled out his gun and shot the service dog, a yellow lab named Hooch. Hooch immediately went from barking to a deathly whimper, and crawled several feet to his death. The dogs’ owner came out upon hearing the commotion, and Hassani responded: “I am sorry I shot your dog. I love dogs, but I am not going to be bit again. Like I said, sir, last time I ended up in the E.R.” I highly doubt a trained service animal would ever send someone to the E.R.; service animals are trained not to be aggressive before being given to their new owners.

Hassani’s conduct is under review. The video of the shooting, seen below, has gone viral. Local residents demanded Hassani be fired for his actions.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Tarek Hassani

  1. He needs to be more than fired. He needs a life-long ban on owning any firearms, period. Sadly, this is just a new wrinkle on the ongoing “cop shoots dog for no reason” epidemic in this country. If you shoot my dog, the coroner while be the one giving you a ride home.

  2. He knew he was in the wrong, animal control and staying in your patrol car until they arrived was the solution. He’s a trigger happy muzzie with a badge, he’s above the law of course! This stupid pig trespassed on that dogs property, the dog barked, DID NOT JUMP at him or on him, and he saw it as a way to clear a dog from the earth, just like his evil nasty cult calls for him to do. No muzzie should be an officer, they already think their shit doesn’t stink(even though we all know that is big fat lie from the way they smell!!) and someone actually gave this piece of crap a gun and a badge. Hopefully, the man sues the shit out of the police station, the city, and this stupid muzzie criminal! Too many of these cops shooting dogs stories are popping up, something is very wrong with it!

  3. Listening to the officer talk to the owner it appears the owner knew the dogs were running loose in violation of the leash law. The call he was responding to was about the dogs running loose; therefore it seems the neighbors may have had problems with the dogs behavior towards them when loose. Watching the video the brown dog is the one shot not the yellow one, and the brown one is growling in an aggressive manner. Kicking at it did aggravate it as did yelling at the dog when opening the car door.

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  5. Shoot him like a dog – and take a ritual bath afterwards.

  6. He’s an idiot and administrative leave isn’t good enough. The police force want him gone but of course he’ll sue them for money if they fire him but he’s useless as a cop in the area as everyone in that town now hates him and barely tolerated him before he shot a service dog. They can’t assimilate for generations, and he’s proof of that. Poor dog and the poor handicapped man who depended on that dog. All she was doing was protecting her owner, all he would have had to do was tell her to sit and stay and she would have obeyed the command.

  7. Please can you email me. I´d like to speak to you about getting some comment on my radio programme. KInd regards Pippa

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